Come To Jesus

Special Guest Interview #11: An interview with John Jarman about being Redeemed

May 06, 2022 Mahal and Annette Season 1 Episode 0
Come To Jesus
Special Guest Interview #11: An interview with John Jarman about being Redeemed
Show Notes

In this episode, we will be talking to a very courageous man who have to overcome his life struggles by the grace of God. He will be sharing his heart with us and telling us why he has no memory of his childhood till the age of 12, John Jarman had no conscious way to overcome the unknown pain in his past. Discover how John got up and, by the grace of God, walked through the storm of his life and strengthened his faith through completely surrendering to his Heavenly Father. Through his testimony, you will learn the importance of Salvation in his life and why it should also be the most important thing in yours and he will also share how powerful faith can be and how it can change your life. He also talks about giving up control and surrendering it to God.

John is also U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served during Operation Desert Storm and holds a Master of Science in Physical Education/Athletic Administration from Ohio University. He is also continuing in his pursuit of a Master of Theology at Faith International University and is involved in Men’s Discipleship in his local church in Tacoma, Washington. Lastly, he is an author of the book called "Broken and Redeemed" which you can purchased in Amazon & any Kindle and other ebook platforms like Barnes and Noble. The book will be out in August 16 in all the bookstores, but you can pre-order it in his website: To see the review from Literary Titans go to the link below. You can also find him in Facebook and Instagram. Spotify Music at the end is called "Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave.

Our prayer is that his words will not just touch your heart but that if you haven't made that decision yet that through John's words and testimony that you will surrender everything to God and accept him as your Personal Savior. Stay blessed and always remember Come to Jesus and give him your heart and your life so he can use you and strengthen you! 

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