Software Developer's Journey

#58 Robby Russell succeeds being selfless

July 16, 2019 Season 2 Episode 58
Software Developer's Journey
#58 Robby Russell succeeds being selfless
Software Developer's Journey
#58 Robby Russell succeeds being selfless
Jul 16, 2019 Season 2 Episode 58
Timothée Bourguignon, Robby Russell
Robby Russell succeeds being selfless
Show Notes

Robby first told us how the selfless scratching of his own itch lead to the success of his tool "Oh my Zsh". We then backtracked to his early years and how he got into development. Step by step, Robby took us through the creation and growth of his consultancy ; which is deeply intertwined with Ruby on Rails, scratching his own itch(es) again, and helping others along the way.

Robby co-founded Planet Argon in 2002, which is a a software consultancy based out of Portland, Oregon USA. Planet Argon helps companies with existing Ruby on Rails applications make them better and more maintainable. Robby was an early-adopter of the Rails and was known for his blog, Robby on Rails. In 2009, he created Oh My Z-shell, which is a productivity tool for software developers. It accidentally became success in the open source community. Nowadays, Robby spends his time helping lead his company's development team and is the host of the Maintainable software podcast.

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There were unfortunately some audio gliches on my end of the recording that I couldn't remove. Sorry about that.


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