Software Developer's Journey

#66 Rob Kendal is not afraid to try

September 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 29
Software Developer's Journey
#66 Rob Kendal is not afraid to try
Software Developer's Journey
#66 Rob Kendal is not afraid to try
Sep 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 29
Timothée Bourguignon, Rob Kendal
Rob Kendal is not afraid to try
Show Notes

Rob first told us about his first jobs on the hardware side of IT and described how he slowly transitioned into software. Fast forward a few years, he told us about applying for a new job and discovering teamwork, tight feedback loops and direct contact with the clients. Rob then told us about moving toward front-end development and embracing HTML5. We talked about Javascript, ES6 & Typescript and finding a tool that works for you. We then talked about failures and learnings. And we finished on books recommendations and the very sound advice to not being afraid to try.

Rob Kendal is a front-end engineer working in the enterprise authentication space, building apps in React and JavaScript. He's been a developer for close to 15 years, in a range of roles across the public and private sector, from the NHS to creative agencies. He started as a full-stack C# developer and found his real passion in the front-end side of things. He works from home in sunny Yorkshire in the UK.

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