Software Developer's Journey

#70 Jeeva Nadarajah's life of serendipity

October 08, 2019 Season 2 Episode 79
Software Developer's Journey
#70 Jeeva Nadarajah's life of serendipity
Software Developer's Journey
#70 Jeeva Nadarajah's life of serendipity
Oct 08, 2019 Season 2 Episode 79
Timothée Bourguignon, Jeeva Nadarajah
Jeeva Nadarajah's life of serendipity
Show Notes

Jeeva took us full circle. She started telling us about her first interest in computer science -because it sounded easy- and then really falling in love with it. She told us about the harsh reality of her life in Sri Lanka, and having to take on a completely different career. We spoke about her moving to the USA, how she felt about this dream-land and how she was welcomed there. We continued talking about her masters degree, her first jobs in the USA, and how she stumbled upon extreme programming. We finally fast forwarded to her current company and how all the skills she gathered during her whole life seems to be culminating there.

Jeeva began her career in advertising in Sri Lanka. After she completed her masters degree in information systems, her journey immersed her in agile software methodologies, as a programmer, where she became responsible for teams, products and software delivery. This year she launched her own company -Serendip- which provides a community platform for companies to connect with technologists.

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