Software Developer's Journey

#77 Dave Smith swings the pendulum

November 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 40
Software Developer's Journey
#77 Dave Smith swings the pendulum
Software Developer's Journey
#77 Dave Smith swings the pendulum
Nov 26, 2019 Season 2 Episode 40
Timothée Bourguignon, Dave Smith
Dave Smith swings back and forth between manager and individual contributor
Show Notes

Dave first told us where the idea for the Soft Skills Engineering Podcast first came from. Then he took us back to when he started programming, with the Basic language on a Texas Instruments calculator. We then followed his studies, and the start of his career... just after the DotCom burst. We then talked about his first steps toward management, and how he swung from individual contributor, to manager, and back. And after he changed company, how he continued swinging, becoming "Director of Engineering" in the process. We continued talking about his move back to more individual contribution at Amazon, and closed in on mentorship inside Amazon.

Dave has 15 years of experience as a software developer. He led hundreds of engineers as a director, tech lead, and mentor. He's grown teams from 3 engineers to 50, 50 engineers to 100, and even had a front-row seat for Alexa's hyper growth from a few hundred to a few thousand. And Dave is finally the co-host of the Soft-Skills Engineering podcast!

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