Little Bracket of Horrors

The Cabin in the Woods

October 19, 2022 Matt/ Shelly/ Derek Season 1 Episode 20
Little Bracket of Horrors
The Cabin in the Woods
Show Notes

Welcome to Little Bracket of Horrors. The pod that puts the fight in fright! 

In this episode we sacrifice ourselves to the Ancient Ones in Drew Goddard's 2012 film, The Cabin in the Woods. This starts off with your standard horny college kids running off to the woods for some fun. What awaits them is an orgy of monsters, waiting to be unleashed by...Gary and Steve??? Well...that's something new.

So join the LBOH crew as they get this party started with their friends the 
Zombie Redneck Torture Family (The Buckner's) and of course, Merman.

*stick around until the end to hear Derek interview his son on what he considers his first scary movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Special shout out to Jon with BadMoonFX for covering for Matt on this episode. Jon's wealth of knowledge and unique perspective were greatly appreciated. BadMoonFX is an award winning costume production team based out of central Florida that specializes in total fabrication, from masks and costumes, prosthetic wear, armor, and props. They also have ready to wear masks, props, and costumes in their online store and specialize in custom designs for their clients. Check them out at the below links