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EP 12: Power Series - Hand Feeding

July 13, 2022 Jeanette Forrey Episode 12
Badass Breeder
EP 12: Power Series - Hand Feeding
Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of our three-part power series on the three things everybody should do with their dogs. Today's show was recorded on a Friday and that means we have the cocktails out so expect an episode that is as filled with fun and doggy antics as it is with valuable information! The first of the three things every dog owner should be doing is of course hand-feeding and today on the show we take a deep dive into the five biggest benefits of implementing this practice with your puppy. You'll hear about how hand-feeding builds self-control and focus, trust in shy or fearful dogs, and a strong bond between owner and puppy. We also get into why hand feeding is foundational for training bite inhibition and helps fast eaters. Thanks so much for joining us again for another Badass Breeder podcast and be sure to tune in for the next two parts of our series!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • The five benefits of hand feeding.
  • One: it builds self-control and focus.
  • Two: it builds trust in shy or fearful dogs.
  • Three: it builds a strong bond.
  • Four: it is foundational work for bite inhibition. 
  • Five: it helps fast eaters.
  • Why hand-feeding does not stop resource guarding.
  • How to not reward crazy behavior during meal times.
  • The method for hand feeding to work on bite inhibition.
  • Starting to train puppies by asking them for something in return for a treat.
  • Stretching feeding out through the whole day to train puppy responses.
  • Not issuing multiple commands for a sequence of actions.
  • How to train your puppy if you are in a rush and can’t issue food from your hand.
  • When not to hand-feed: when they are ill, on canned food, a raw diet, and more.
  • What the two starting health tests Jeanette uses look like.
  • How to register to get a puppy from Jeanette and how the waiting list works.

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