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Day 3: Repurposing and Recycling Twitter Content

March 02, 2022 Tyllah-Chanel Season 4 Episode 3
Talk To Tyllah
Day 3: Repurposing and Recycling Twitter Content
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Hey Business Bestie!

Welcome to 30 days of podcast, where I am dropping a new podcast episode every single day for 30 days.

For day 3, we're discussing content utility and how to maximize the impact and reach of the content you create. Today's episode is especially important because it helps you avoid burnout, reduces stress surrounding marketing, and makes your job of lead generation significantly easier.

In this episode, I also reference The freebie: "Content Utility: How to use 1 piece of content in 70 ways", check it out to enjoy all the value I've added here to help you get started.

Everything I share this month is only a snippet of the value and assistance I offer in The Content Marketing Tool Kit I made you. Grab it today with sizzle or shop pay for a payment plan with 4 payments of $17.

Don't forget to tweet and let me know how much you love this episode and what the most helpful thing was that I shared today.

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Tyllah Hampton

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Hey business besties welcome to day three of 30 days of podcast and today we're going to discuss how to recycle and repurpose your Twitter content and why you should. If you've been following me for a while on Twitter, then you already know I am big on repurposing and recycling content to the point that I even made you guys a freebie call content utility, which is going to teach you how to take one piece of content and turn it into 70 pieces of content 100% for free, I will be sure to actually add the direct link to this freebie for you to download it from our website in the description box. So if that's something that you want to learn how to do 100% for free, go ahead and go download it right now. Now, you may be wondering what is content utility content utility means that you are creating less content, but you understand how to actually maximize that content, meaning that you maximize the places that it's posted, the number of hours they see, and the potential sales that you get to make from that one piece of content. Understanding how to do this can prevent burnout, it can make your content significantly more valuable and also help you understand a B marketing. On top of all of these, they also reduces the creative process and helps you eliminate the stress surrounding that it increases the amount of times that your audience sees something. And we all know that your audience has to see something seven times in order to even think about actually purchasing it. And I share screenshots of my website analytics all the time. And I show you guys that plenty of people go to my website 12 to 20 times before they actually buy something. But when they do get to the point of being ready to buy something, most of them buy multiple things at a time. So me prioritizing content utilities actually helps me get to that point with website visitors. This also ensures that you speak on a topic ample amount of times before moving on. Now, sometimes business owners have the bad habit of only speaking on something once or twice, being upset that it's not selling out and then moving on. But by learning content utility and how to repurpose your content, you are ensuring that you're speaking on something 20 plus times before you move on learning how to do this also means that you'll be more likely to make sales, you will increase your order value, you will increase the number of referrals that you get and your following will increase along the way as well. This can also put you on track to help you crush your goals over time, which is something that we all want to learn how to do right. So today I'm just going to go over how I actually repurpose and recycle my Twitter spaces and turn those into multiple multiple pieces of content. Because if you follow me and you pay attention to my content regularly, then you already know that I go live on Twitter at least once or twice a week. But I try to go live every single Wednesday, and I interview experts. We do business chats, I drop gems, we'll go over very specific marketing topics. And I basically walk you through step by step on how to actually do something. And I take those episodes and I turn them into podcast episodes. Then I upload those podcast episodes to, which turns them into transcripts. Once I do that, I upload them to my blog, and I add headers and I create graphics. And then I break those blogs down into short bite sized tweet threads. Once I get done with that, I can turn it into email content, I can make tic TOCs about it, I can turn it into IG carousel posts and so many other things including freebies, short ebooks, I can even drag it out and you know, discuss it when I'm interviewing on other people's platforms, right. So just with that one piece of content every single week, I've already given you 15 different ways that I plan to actually use that content. And you can take this a step further and use it in so many other ways on so many different platforms outside of just using it for tic TOCs I can also take it and create YouTube shorts, I can create Pinterest idea pins, I can also create reels for IG and then those short videos for Facebook as well if I wanted to use all of those platforms, and then I can also add my audios as a sound to tick tock and encourage other creators to use my podcast audios as voiceovers for when they're doing everyday tasks and their business. And just by doing that you position your content your audios actually go viral which helps you get more coverage and get your content in front of more ears and eyes. Now while this process might take some time for you to think out and actually develop a strategy for how to do this in the best and most efficient way possible. It is something that you can do this is something free that every content creator and every business owner can't learn how to do and it's something that you should want to learn how to do even outside of just utilize them. weekly Twitter spices in multiple different ways. I also do the same thing with my blog posts. And I do the same thing on my twitter threads too. So an example for my blog posts would be that I plan to compile all of my most popular blog posts and turn them into a book one day, right for people who don't like reading online for people who want to actually hold the things that they're reading, that's going to be valuable for them. And then I plan to take that book and turn it into a short YouTube series. And then I plan to take that YouTube series and turn it into an audio book. Now, just by doing those things, I've already created additional streams of income, I've maximized the utility of that content. And I've increased the opportunity for more eyes and ears to actually come across it. You can also take it a step further and start prioritizing SEO and prioritizing getting your content listed with Google. That way, when people are searching for things relevant to what you're doing, you're coming up on the first page of Google Now, that might take you a couple years to actually get down and fully understand. But starting now is what's going to help you do that long term. And even in terms of my email list, I always break things down into small bite sized campaigns that I do over the course of four to six weeks to send out to my email list. So if you're struggling with email marketing, and you want to learn how to actually do content marketing, and you want to learn content utility, and you're willing to make a small investment today, I highly recommend checking out the content marketing toolkit that I created for you in the description box of this podcast episode. Content utility is going to be the difference in you getting the most out of your content, and being able to take time off from your business while also still having content being published. And still being able to make money passively. And not being able to do those things. It may look like I'm online all the time. It may look like I'm creating fresh content all the time, but I'm not nine times out of 10 content you see is repurposed recycled, and I'm honestly just chillin while it's being done. So even with these podcast episodes from 30 days a podcast, I plan to compile them and turn them into something else amazing for you guys as well. So if you enjoy today's episode and today's tips and I talked to you something new today, let me know on Twitter tag me at marketing bully underscore and let me know what you learned. Let me know if you need any assistance understanding this and be sure you download the freebie that I actually made for you because I want to see you win. I want to see you succeed and I want to see you avoid burnout and stress. As always, I'll see you on the TL and I can't wait to see you crush your goals this week. I hope you tune in for day four of 30 days a podcast where we're going to discuss why you should be turning popular tweets into memes and what this can actually do for brand recognizability on the CL as always I'll see you guys tomorrow.