Ep #67, Challenging the Norm: Exploring Alternatives in Education and Mentoring with Matt Beaudreau
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The Families of Character Show
Ep #67, Challenging the Norm: Exploring Alternatives in Education and Mentoring with Matt Beaudreau
Sep 19, 2023 Season 1 Episode 67
Jordan Langdon

If you find yourself wondering whether your kids are at the right school, if homeschool is an option or if there are any hybrid systems of education out there that align with your values...this is the episode for you.

Perhaps, you've questioned the courage it takes to break from societal norms to embark on a journey that may seem unconventional but perfectly right for you and your family? In our engaging conversation with Matt Beaudreau, a widely acclaimed speaker, consultant and coach, we step into the world of fresh perspectives, impactful insights and transformative decisions.

From peeling back the layers of what defines an "educator" to exploring alternatives to the current education system, Matt shares compelling anecdotes from his vast experience. Drawing upon our journeys within the education system, we ponder how it can often break us down more than it builds us up. In contrast, Matt sheds light on the empowering decision of homeschooling, emphasizing that the goal is for parents to help their children become self-sufficient and understand their worth and capabilities.

Stretching the topic fabric further, we dive into the courage it takes to abolish family and societal norms for the sake of what's right for one's family. We exchange personal stories, discuss the transformation that can come from personal accountability, and stress the importance of finding a supportive community and mentors.
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Let Matt's exciting news about the launch of 100 new schools in 2024  inspire you, and join us on this enlightening journey filled with insights, inspiration, and valuable advice. 

Tune in, and let's challenge the norms together.

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