Ep #73, The Impact of Language in Creating a Positive Culture at Home and in the Workplace with Jeff Schiefelbein
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The Families of Character Show
Ep #73, The Impact of Language in Creating a Positive Culture at Home and in the Workplace with Jeff Schiefelbein
Oct 31, 2023 Season 1 Episode 73
Jordan Langdon

What if the words we use could fundamentally transform our family and work lives? Join me for a riveting dialogue with Jeff Schiefelbein as we unlock the power of language in creating an environment of trust, love, and growth at home and in the workplace. Jeff's valuable insights on breaking free from patterns of negativity and the conscious use of positive language promise a journey of personal and familial transformation.

Balancing work and family life can be a monumental task, but how about making it a work of art? Jeff and his wife, Amanda, have mastered this art, fostering a nurturing environment for their seven children, and prioritizing their faith, marriage, and children, in that order. We'll explore how they use language intentionally to create a culture of love and growth and how they empower their children through real responsibility, trust, and support.

On a more personal note, we delve into Jeff's own journey of redemption and the role of intentionality in relationships. His story of being a young adult in college and getting a DWI that changed his entire outlook and motivated him to start his first business is heartwarming.  Jeff created and launched the nation’s largest program to reduce drunk driving in college towns - CARPOOL. This organization has been providing rides for college students and has saved the lives of so many!

You can follow Jeff on LinkedIn. Check out his website Undivided Life!

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