Ep #74, Raising an Olympic Champion: Navigating Youth Sports, Parenting and Fame with Missy Franklin's Father Dick Franklin
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Ep #74, Raising an Olympic Champion: Navigating Youth Sports, Parenting and Fame with Missy Franklin's Father Dick Franklin
Nov 07, 2023 Season 1 Episode 74
Jordan Langdon

Ever wondered how an Olympic champion is raised? Our guest today, Dick Franklin, the father of five-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Missy Franklin, takes us through the exhilarating journey of raising an Olympian. We explore their family's unique approach to youth sports, focusing on the balance between motivation and fun, while steering clear of parental pressure. Dick's stories are not just about swimming, but about the importance of fostering love for sports from a young age.

Dick also shares the highs and lows of their family's adventure navigating Missy's rapid rise to stardom, from the thrill of watching their daughter win gold to managing the surge of fame and security concerns that followed. As a treat, we dive into the family's book about Missy, celebrating her growth, achievements, and the profound impact of her swimming career. This is not just a story of an athlete, but a heartfelt tale of a family navigating the world of sports together.

Our conversation doesn't end there. We learn about the family's move to Nashville for their granddaughter, Caitlin, and how they are delighting in her love for swimming, mirroring their journey with Missy.

Dick and his family are huge supporters of Families of Character and were awarded  "Family of the Year" in 2016 for their exemplification of character development, as a unified family.

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Get ready to be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of the joys and challenges of parenting a champion and the transformative impact of youth sports on a child's development.

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