Ep#103: The Unsung Journey of Fatherhood: Celebrating Leadership and Love in the Home
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Ep#103: The Unsung Journey of Fatherhood: Celebrating Leadership and Love in the Home
Jun 04, 2024 Season 1 Episode 103
Jordan Langdon

Navigating the silent struggles and triumphs of fatherhood and husbandry can feel like an odyssey, yet these tales rarely take center stage. That changes today, as we pull back the curtain to honor the steadfast men in our lives. Jordan M. Montgomery's reflections on leadership costs set the stage for a candid conversation about the complexities these roles entail. From the tough calls that keep the family unit afloat to the inevitable misunderstandings that come with the territory, we're acknowledging the unspoken burdens shouldered by fathers and husbands everywhere.

Taken from @jordanmmontgomery's instagram reel about leadership:
"There are 3 costs to leading well"
1. You will have to make hard decisions that will negatively affect those you care about.
2. You will be disliked despite your best attempts to do the best for the most.
3. You will be misunderstood and you won't always have the opportunity to defend yourself. 

In this episode, I bring to light how leadership roles in marriage tend to shift, little by little, once kids enter the picture. Most couples don't even realize it's happening until mom is burnt out and resentful and dad is feeling the pain of getting benched (sidelined). 

This episode is a call to action for wives to acknowledge their husbands for the silent struggles they take on every day, to lead the family and for couples to recognize if they are in need of a shift back to the right order of relationship which bonded them so beautifully when they first met. 

Let's pledge to recognize and bolster the leadership of husbands with daily gestures of gratitude, a practice that strengthens not just their resolve but the entire family dynamic. Gender roles and traditional dynamics may seem "old school", but the complementarity can't be contested when we glance back to our beginnings together.  

Join us in this exploration of leadership, love, and the quiet heroes of the home, as we continue to engage with and empower every member of the family in our ongoing conversations.

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