Lost And Sound

Jean-Michel Jarre

October 31, 2023 Paul Hanford Season 8 Episode 28
Lost And Sound
Jean-Michel Jarre
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Engage your senses and prepare to be transported with godfather of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre. Producer, composer, 3 times Guinness World record holder and cultural ambassador, Jean is also one of the youngest 75 year olds you’ll ever hear, as Paul found out when the two spoke about his 50-year musical journey, his drive to continually look forward, and his latest creations – Oxymore and Oxymoreworks. 

Dive into the nuances of Jarre's unique creative process and how he reflects on his lineage, how Jarre's own iconic work, Oxygene, once faced rejection from record labels and how he drew inspiration From Pierre Henry on his latest work.

Oxymoreworks is available Friday Nov 3rd here.

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Jean-Michel Jarre
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