Einstein's Annus Mirabilis, 1905
Gresham College Lectures
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Gresham College Lectures
Einstein's Annus Mirabilis, 1905
Oct 20, 2015
Gresham College
Professor Flood reviews the year that made Einstein famous as he published some of his greatest work: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/einsteins-annus-mirabilis-1905
In 1905, his 'year of wonders', Einstein published four papers of ground-breaking importance. First he published the work that introduced quanta of energy - a core idea of quantum theory. Next was a paper on Brownian motion explaining the movement of small particles suspended in a liquid. His third paper introduced the special theory of relativity linking time, distance, mass and energy while his fourth paper contains one of the most famous equations of all, E=mc².

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/einsteins-annus-mirabilis-1905

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