Jacqui Just Chatters

Story Share - Moving

September 07, 2023 Jacquelyn Season 2
Jacqui Just Chatters
Story Share - Moving
Show Notes

Jacqui has collected stories from five different women all on the topic of moving. Tales include messages about loss, other's hope for the future. You might laugh, cry, or both.  Thank you for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed it, please leave a review (5 stars is always welcome), or leave a comment at Jacqui’s FB page: Facebook

Caroline Crocker “The Worst and the Best”
Caroline is trained as a scientist: microbiology and immunology. Then she worked in medical research, college teaching, leading a nonprofit, and being a CEO, before finally doing what she loves most. Enjoying her eight grandchildren, gardening, and writing books.
Brave Face: The Inspiring WWII Memoir of a Dutch/German Child, https://iammeta.org
Unforgivable: Through a Child’s Eyes, will be published Nov 1, 2024, https://unforgivable.website
Caroline’s blog is at https://ramblingruminations.com

Pagyn Harding “Moving to Minnesota”
Still living in Minnesota, Ms. Harding is a published poet who has recently co-authored two poetry books that are available on Amazon:
Thirty Poems with Kelly Tompkins and Pagyn Harding, 2021 
Poems Birthed from Page 29 by Pagyn Alexander and Janet DeMars, 2022

Theresa Maue “Making (It) Home”
Terri Maue is a retired English professor. She requests you not hold that against her! She’s been in love with the mystery genre since she was a child, reading Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes. After she retired, she decided to pursue a life-long dream to write a mystery novel. The result is Knife Edge: A Zee & Rico Mystery, published in August 2023 by Camel Press. You can visit her website at www.terrimaue.com and write to her at terri@terrimaue.com. FB at Terri Maue Author

 Marita Markeson “Starting out Great Adventure” 
Marita Markeson is a neonatal nurse. She writes as part of the Hawley library writers club in Minnesota. When she’s not saving babies or writing a story, she spends time with her husband, Randall, and son. She also paints, and currently has an exhibit displayed at 20 Below in Fargo.

Carole Duff “This is Home”
Carole Duff is a veteran teacher, flutist, naturalist, and writer of creative nonfiction. She posts weekly to her long-standing blog Notes from Vanaprastha . Wisdom Builds Her House releases in early 2024. Carole lives in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, writer K.A. Kenny. You can contact Carole through her website and blog: caroleduff.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/carole.duff.94 
Instagram -
YouTube -

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