Transformation in Trials

G.T. LaBorde: Arming clinicians with therapeutic options at the point of care

September 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 6
Transformation in Trials
G.T. LaBorde: Arming clinicians with therapeutic options at the point of care
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We speak to G.T. LaBorde, the CEO of IllumiCare about clinical trial recruitment at the point of care. Patients want to participate in clinical trials. Health care professionals are willing to refer patients. But there is a disconnect between point of care and clinical trial recruitment. 

“90% of providers say they feel comfortable talking to patients about clinical trials. Only 0.2 % actually do. That is an amazing disparity!”

  • G.T. LaBorde 

G.T. talks to us about how this gap can be bridged at the point of care, making sure that providers can actually inform patients of the trials relevant to them in their geography. 

The current way of getting an eligible patient into a trial often requires heroics from the health personnel, manually reaching out to patients and remembering currently ongoing trials. 

Heroics may also be required from the patient side. For some patients, clinical trials can be the only treatment option. All existing courses of treatment may have been exhausted, and they are willing to embark on researching clinical trials on their own. 

G.T. walks us through how to embed information about clinical trials in the systems that clinicians already work in, without adding additional noise to the regular workflow. This type of seamless integration can simplify referral of the right patients to the right trials

This also means that patients can be recruited from a larger population base that may not search for a clinical trial on their own accord - yet the provider gets the final say. This is important to not taking patients thriving on current care off it just to participate in a trial. 

An analogy to the tool that IllumiCare built is a marketing platform at point of care to the provider who is taking care of the patient - like a marketing funnel. The study description would be like an ad, and referral would be analogous to a conversation event.

442 years of combined healthtech experience at IllumiCare is bringing this transformation to life.  


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