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Meet our Survivor and Billionairess Book Guest: Felisha Kay - @Felishathediva - EP 2

January 16, 2022 Stephe Benj Season 1 Episode 0
Billionairess Podcast
Meet our Survivor and Billionairess Book Guest: Felisha Kay - @Felishathediva - EP 2
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In this episode , I have invited one of my book guest and friend, Felisha Kay. 

I invite you to listen to her powerful life story and what is it really taste to achieve success in a life of a Billionairess. 

It is not only possible but it also can be you ... you can achieve your success goal if you really want to. 

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Hi ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our episode two for the billionairess podcast. And as you already know, the podcast is following actually the main line of the book, we send a great woman in power and leadership and business. And here today, I'm not the only one talking today, not the only one, you're gonna see, I have a special guest. And she's especially because she actually also has been part of the book. And I guess you have a lot to say and share, but I'm gonna let her introduce yourself. introduce herself to you. I'm a low Felicia. Hi, how are you, Stephanie? First of all, thank you very much for having me. I'm excited to be here and a part of your wonderful podcast and book. So I'm Felicia Kay, and I live in the States, Denver, Colorado. I am the founder and the CEO of high value lifestyle Academy, where I teach women how to value themselves at their highest level in life and in love. Nice, okay. Um, you teach? What do you mean by you teach women like, physically, virtually? Yeah, well, I am a high value lifestyle relationship strategist. And so this is actually one of few companies that I own. But for the most part I am I've created a very successful coaching programme. And so what I do is I teach women how to value themselves in life and in love. And that also includes value in their price tag in business, valuing the relationships, valuing their relationships, so that they can have relationships that they are worthy of, without apologies, not settling for less than they deserve. And so, I will do one on one coaching, but for the most part, it's large groups. Okay, nice. How long have you been? Um, I would say about, about two years now, where I've really, really expanded. So yeah, about two years now, we have a lot of amazing things coming, there's been some huge expansions in the horizon as well. I've launched into different areas. So a lot, a lot of great things happening. Okay, so obviously, um, for those who's gonna, gonna read the book, so your story, you give a little bit of your story already in the book. But tell us a little bit, you know, not don't need to say everything, but I know you, you quite have a story. So give us the big line of it. Tell us. Let me Okay, so the big line is, I will, I will be brief i i am as a teen mom. Okay, first of all, so I had my, my child at 16 years old. She's currently an adult now. But her father's doing life in prison. He went to prison when she was two, and I was 18. But with that being said, I knew that I needed to create a better life for myself and for my daughter. So I started my first business at 19 years old. It was a cleaning business, it grew. I sold it at 21. And at that time, my first mentors were billionaires. And so I paid attention. I paid attention to business, I paid attention to leadership. And so I kind of carry that throughout my life moving forward to just to create success in my life, and pretty much create the life that I believe all women deserve, which is a life of leadership and empowerment. This is wonderful. You were 19 when you start your business, 19 years old, you have like how Where did you get your business skills or how. So what happened was, I'm 19 years old, I didn't have any money. And I had a three year old at the time and her father's in prison. And so I started working for a cleaning company, I took some odd job cleaning houses. And I knew that I was better than that. But I didn't have a whole lot of skills at that particular time. And so I said, Well, if I'm going to clean these houses, and they're going to take half of my paycheck, I'm going to start my own business because this is something I know how to do. So I started getting my own clients doubled my income. I ended up meeting the CEO of an advertising company Money, who wanted to do a barter system? They were looking for a housekeeper at the time. And so I said, Well, I can do your house. And they said an exchange will give you advertising. With that being said, my company grew just from that, because I got this free advertising that I wouldn't otherwise afford. And so I ended up growing my business from just me to 20 people in a period of 12 months. So it grew from there. Yeah. So I've always been resourceful. Okay, so then, um, you sold it? And what next business? Yeah, so from then, from there, I sold it. I met my billionaire mentors, obviously, I also was in college and everything as well. So I went to school at that time. But as I met mine, as I met my mentors, and I was going to school, I decided that I would get into the cosmetic industry because I was very, very interested in in making cosmetics, and, and doing really cool things with cosmetics. So I started doing my own hair care and skin care. And then I decided, well, let me turn this into a business where I do private formulations. And so with that being said, the chemists side of me, didn't just create a skincare company, I created a skincare brand where I would help people come in and buy my products, private label, at least the formulas. But one of the things I did know is people are starting these beauty brands, they'll pay for a formula, they'll go on to get very, very wealthy, and you've sold your formula, you make good money, but the entrepreneur in me, cut myself in on 5%, I put 5% into the contracts reduce the price of by formulations by percent into the contracts. So now I have a stake in several beauty brands, just by default. So at this time, I've just started building my business and earning money without having to physically be there. And it's just one of those things that I was taught early though through the billionaire mentors that I had, that you want to just continue to level up and level up in all areas where you can don't think small Think big. Hello, Lance. Okay, so that's number two. Now, oh, and you know, the number you know what my current business high value lifestyle Academy and coaching that really came from? That really came from a place of passion and love and really my relationship with my current husband. I got married when I was about 27. And he was an older gentleman we grew apart over the years. And we're still good friends, but my current husband I met about five years ago. And he's a man that in my opinion, I manifested I saw him before he came. And we got married, beautiful fairytale wedding. And I ended up having a brain tumour though that he's he stayed by my side with this brain tumour. And after surgery, we became even closer. And with that being said, I just knew after having this brain tumour, and having this surgery a couple years ago, it was January 2020. When I had brain surgery, I said, you know, I want to spend a big portion of my life teaching women that all things are possible. I want to I want to give back, I want to share my story of of having it all, and pretty much almost losing it all. Because I really with this brain tumour I was told I may not live, you know. And so I just said, you know, I'm going to take a leap of faith and I'm going to do something, I'm going to share my story. I'm going to encourage people to live a full full life, know that love is possible and all of these things. And it just turned into this huge success in that just by sharing my story. I recently received an award. It's a gladiator award for earning 100k. I earned 100k in seven days by just simply sharing my story. Now that money came through my coaching programme by simply sharing my story. Women being extremely interested going directly into one of my transformational programmes. Well, ah, I've continued to grow from there. Yes, yes, storytelling is a very powerful, all in general. I'm not surprised Um, I, you knowing that you've been into a brain tumour I'm sure that was very hard. And is actually part of my next question. Next question, which is, what was the most difficult? What was your obstacles, I will say that you have to been through dealing with your business. But before, before going through this, I wants to know, because I know there's a lot of ladies out there wants to know, as well and wants to hear it at least. How did you manage? Um, you've been doing a lot of business, but you were also a mom. So how did you combine everything? How do you make everything works together? I would, I know, for me, and I get asked this a lot. So one of the things I have to do is just really be honest, and say, I've done this really through faith, not necessarily from a religious standpoint, I'm a Well, I'm a spiritual woman. But just having faith that all things are possible when we have faith in ourselves. And then there's also this drive, where I stayed encouraged. I stayed in LA, I stayed motivated, I stayed encouraged, I paid attention. And I just continued to move forward and building things that I knew I could build, and ensuring that they were going to be successful. And if I didn't have all the answers, I actually sought mentors to help me. Okay, and so during all that time, because you said you were running your business, you said that you also went to study to study that time, how do you manage the care of your of your child? Well, the nice thing is, is because I needed to run a business during the day, I went to school at night, when I also had a little bit of help from my my mom, you know, so she was helpful. But I was able to just sort of manage my time very well where I could do both. So I went to school at night, and I ran my business during the day, I ran teams, I had lots of support, that was always really important. We have to have a good support system of people that we can put in leadership positions within our organisations in order to to make it make sense, in order to have that consistency. So I always had a nice team of Dependable people that could help me achieve these goals. Okay, did you at any time have that feeling that you know, being scared? I did, because I was so young at the time. And a lot of it sure I have a formal education, but most of my education came from the school of hard knocks. So that's just street smarts and getting out of it getting out. Yeah, I would say one of the biggest obstacles, though, is earlier on when I was starting my business, businesses needing to fundraise and raise money. And then when people that I had to go to were men, and that was very, very difficult. Because when you're dealing with men, as a woman, and you need to raise funds, I feel like there's this stigma that you should give them something before they give you something. And so I found that's been a really big obstacle. And so I came to a place where I would, I had to start investing in myself financially because I was frustrated with, with, with men not seeing past my boobs. You know, if I if they, you know, they see my you know, I think candidate I'm being real I'm not doubt that's been a big, big struggle. So I'm like, No, I just have to do this myself. I'm gonna have to just work within the financial means that I have and grow my business that way because I can't rely on this man to give me anything because I'm not gonna pass my check. I wasn't expecting this. Okay, so I have another question right now. That is very interesting now. Um, so you have Yogi's man, I got it. But what what? Why? Why don't you have Why don't you deal with woman as well, like we didn't have any feminine woman support. It would have been wonderful to deal with women, but there were not. When I was building my business, there weren't women to go to or if you did deal with women They were building their businesses to or there, maybe there's this this thing with women, sometimes there's competition, so a woman's not gonna likely help you because she sees you as competition. So I had it on both sides. Really think about it. When I think back I mean, it's been so long because I've been financing my own career for so long now. I don't even. It's just not for me anymore. I don't I don't ask anybody for anything. Okay. Back to that period of your time of your life. Where you been dealing with your brain tumour. Okay for you, you can talk about it. Good. Yeah. Yes, it's fine. Just, um, I never know, some people are emotionally, you know. So what was the most difficult part of it now? Because you still running a business? Right? Yes. You know, well, it's interesting. When I think about this, the brain tumour really is what sparked the business. And I mentioned that before, but the timing of my brain tumour. So it turns out that I had had this tumour probably for several years, and it had grown to this size where I needed to have surgery, life threatening surgery, really. But the timing is that I had the surgery in 2020, January 20, of 2020. So we're almost at two years. But if you remember, we were in the pandemic. Yeah, in March. So I had the surgery. And right after being somewhat recovered, were in the pandemic. And so that it is what sparked my business, because everything was remote. And so I thought, you know, I needed to do something, I'm recovered, and I can't leave. And so I just started sort of going inward. I'm recovering from this tumour, but also having this great appreciation for life. So that for me, it was never it was a it was probably one of the most positive thing that's ever happened to me being faced with possibly not, you know, with losing my life. And then because I didn't I have this newfound sense of freedom in life and conquering the world because I know I can do whatever I want. Without without worry or fear. This is fantastic. This is very inspiring right now. Yeah, when you going through this, I cannot imagine because never happened to me. But I think it's, it's powerful. Once you survive, right, once you go this and you knew, I think I think for now, I'm just saying things because I've never been through this. But I think when this happened, and you were like, Okay, I'm going to die. And then if you survive, you know, and it's like, wow. So, yes, um, okay, so now let's go to something more more general in general, and society in general, being a woman running a business, being a mum doing everything in the same time. And sometimes, I mean, many times, still today, I would say still, today, you have to explain yourself just because you're a woman. Um, so I want to know, What is your thought about this? What do you think facing the Society of having all those character in you, a boss, businesswoman, a mama survivor? And you still have to explain you do you think that's, that's still a thing like society is being hard on woman? I think society has been hard on women. But I do believe that it is starting to change. I know. We'll go back maybe 20 years, something like that. Speak to the hardships which I've I've mentioned, funding and financing and things like that. And I've always been in women's leadership groups. And so I would hear, you know, stories of women talk and talk about like, they'd have they'd get 100 nose to the one yes. You know, whatever it is. I myself, I've been there. I've been there. But I do think that society, in my opinion today, I think that society has big expectations of women because we're seeing more women in leadership. So I believe it's changing. Alex definitely not equal, but I do believe it's changing. Okay, so when you hear something like woman are actually leaders. Do you agree with that? I do. I do more. So today. Yeah, I, to be honest with you, I know more female well, because I'm in a lot of women's groups and women's networks and things like that I see more women leaders than men. But that's because I'm in those circles, I'm in circles with women who are the head of the household, women who are retiring their husbands. Those are the circles I'm running away. So what I do is I put myself in position to be successful with a particular tribe that I'm in. So I kind of stay away from people situations that just don't serve where I'm going in life right now. So my life is filled with powerful badass swim. If I can say that, yes, you can definitely. Okay, this is my favourite one. Go. Okay. Okay, so like I mentioned in, in, in the book, um, there is a guy called my role, my role geelen. He write a book called 2030 to 33 02 1030. And saying about talking about the future and what it's about to happen. In that book, he says, Some, he says, something like, by 2030, there will be more and more boom, Global Wealth owned by women than men. What do you think about this? Your thing is, this is what's going to happen. I think we have no choice. There is an uprising for women. That's been happening for a long time, and even more so today. So I believe that absolutely. I believe that women are becoming the new leaders in business. We're the leaders in life because we have the babies. Period. Ah, but we are. We are becoming the leaders in our households. We be we are we are the leaders in life. I know women that are retiring their husbands and I am married to a wealthy man. I'll say this. But one of the things I know that he appreciates about me is that I'm a woman who has earned her way as well. I'm a successful woman. And so we have these fun conversations all the time. And we own we own a couple of aeroplanes and he's a private pilot. Management. Yeah, he owns a wealth management firm, but he's also a private pilot. And so we own aeroplanes, and he flies them. And so the running joke is he goes, Well, you didn't buy me an aeroplane, aren't you? I go, I just might. I might buy you. I personally want to learn to pilot so ah, listen, if you can teach me. Let's go. I'm fine. I'm driving. Yeah, right. There you go. But I did think that we women, we are we are definitely uprising. And I believe that to be totally true. Okay, so now. Um, I would like to know your opinion about men. Some men are not comfortable with woman in power, or a woman in leadership or stuff like this. What would you say to those men? Well, being personal. My ex husband was one of those. Okay, so you're writing? Yeah, I made it. I'm going to be honest. So and we are good friends today. And I did say we grew apart. I was married. We were married about 15 years. It's a lot older than me. But one of the things I know for sure is that my success, I had to sort of hide it from him. He was a successful man as well as a scientist, doctor, but he was very envious of my entrepreneurial spirit. Okay. It made him feel uncomfortable. And being married, being in that particular marriage, I believe made me suppress my strength and my ability to do even more and to grow my businesses even more and I did these things, but I had to like, be kind of sneaky, successful in a way. Be quiet about it because I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. Now that I I'm in a different type of marriage where I have a husband that actually is supportive of that and really thinks that's amazing. I act differently. I've even earned more money, I do even more. And I'm, and I'm successful out loud now, instead of being quiet. So I do think there's a lot of men that are intimidated by women, their success, their ability to earn every bit as much money as the man can. Yeah, it does. It is still a thing. It is still a thing for sure. Yeah. So and I think this is one of the reason we are actually evolving, but slower than it should be. Right, right. Yeah. So I think it's yeah. Anyway, um, because we aren't we on the clock. So our next question for you is about just what will be your advices for for ladies wants to take that path, entrepreneurial, or just being in a leadership position, just taking ownership of their life? What is your advice for them? Okay. Well, I created high value lifestyle Academy, just as I mentioned, and my advice is, this is this is my motto, value yourself at the highest level. And it all begins with us. And so I will tell her, any woman listening, value yourself at the highest level, know that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, and make no apologies for desiring more, wanting more, make no apologies for the success that you will have. Because when we believe it is all possible, we can achieve anything. Have no fear, just go for it. Exactly. That's true when we believe it is just make sense. Just Yes, absolutely. Okay. Oh, Felicia, so now, that's my favourite questions for everybody, all my guests and every show that I host. what success means to you tell us tell me success means the ability for me to have my piece. It's obviously financially, you know, you want to be financially sound and comfortable, and I am. But success for me also means just having peace of mind. Not Not, not answering to anyone working for anyone and setting my own rules. So Success for me is that freedom and peace. Okay, I just actually have one more question quickly. Because I want people to understand, you know, when you talk about success, sometimes you spend so much time going after it. And sometime you're already there, but you don't realise if so, you know what I mean? is like, when for you? Did you realise that you feel like I'm successful? Finally, you know, when well Yeah. For me, I realised I was successful at it. To me, it's something we're going to work, I will always strive for my success for me, not being stressed out, you know, not wearing where, you know, the next paycheck is going to come from, or anything like that I just for me, it's just that level of peace and satisfaction that I am in alignment with exactly what I enjoy doing. That's big. Doing what we love, I believe is a huge part of success, because then we're not constantly chasing something else, and then something else. So for me, it's when I connect and then when I started connecting with what I do, I knew that that for me meant success. Peace, success, contentment, X lands and we are coming to the end. Thank you very much for today's finisher. Remember everybody she is part of the book. coming out next month, hopefully I really hope you get up next month. But thank you very much for the shot. Thank you everybody for listening today and looking forward to see you next time. Bye, everybody.