New Things Under the Sun

What does peer review know?

April 19, 2023 Matt Clancy Season 1 Episode 43
New Things Under the Sun
What does peer review know?
Show Notes

People rag on peer review a lot (including, occasionally, New Things Under the Sun). Yet it remains one of the most common ways to allocate scientific resources, whether those be R&D dollars or slots in journals. Is this all a mistake? Or does peer review help in its purported goal to identify the science most likely to have an impact and hence, perhaps most deserving of some of those limited scientific resources?

A simple way to check is to compare peer review scores to other metrics of subsequent scientific impact; does peer review predict eventual impact?

A number of studies find it does.

This podcast is an audio read through of the (initial version of the) article What does peer review know?, originally published on New Things Under the Sun.

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