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Directing Political Theater with Paul Mason Barnes

July 05, 2022 Amelia Season 1 Episode 15
MixedMedia Talks
Directing Political Theater with Paul Mason Barnes
Show Notes

Paul Mason Barnes is an accomplished theatre director specializing in Shakespeare (though he also directs musicals, classics, and new work). He is a teacher, and arts administrator (Artistic Director, Education Director, etc.). Most recently, he has also ventured into publishing with a memoir about his experience as a grassroots fundraiser for Pete Buttigieg's campaign for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination and a member of his Arts Policy Advisory Committee (and later, Joe and Kamala's APAC), "Paul for Pete: Politics. Theatre. Art. One Man's Adventures (or, How I Became a Septuagenarian Fanboy)" has just been released and is experiencing brisk sales and a third Printing. (Wahoo!) visit the website PaulForPete.com for updates  on the audio book release. 

 In this episode we discuss, Rhythms of Shakespeare, What activism inspires art, and transforms despair into something powerful, the process of utilizing his experience as a freelance director, finding new ways to interpret favorite plays, surprises in finding himself with a seat at the political table re: art, and the role of arts in a hopeful future. Supporting independent bookstores, and lifting other artists up. We finish out the conversation with my favorite question: What muppet or combination of muppets would you be? 
"I can say unequivocally and without hesitation that "The Muppets" is one of the best available antidotes for depression I know. Sometimes I feel like one of those two cranky guys in the box seats; other times, like Miss Piggy (we have a Miss Piggy Christmas tree ornament that has a special place on our hearth; comes out every year). I admire Kermit for his openness, sensitivity, and curiosity . . .  beyond that, I'm hard pressed to comment. 

Paul can be found at http://paulbarnesdirector.com/welcome.html 
(and for the book: https://paulforpete.com/ - art mixed with politics)
to contact directly, go to paulmasonbarnes at gmail dot com

Intro Music, Irish Trad tune: The Micky Dam- guitar instrumental by Richard Mandel 
of Three Mile Stone, and the Jammy Dodgers, https://thejammydodgers.com/Richard_Mandel.html with Permission for MixedMedia Talks

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