Celebrating Differences

Good Grief 3: Supporting a parent in dementia. : Joe Kelly

December 19, 2021 Ani Colt and Preston "Ty" Tyree Season 3 Episode 49
Celebrating Differences
Good Grief 3: Supporting a parent in dementia. : Joe Kelly
Show Notes

Episode 49: We met Joe and his family at a local restaurant sitting outside looking at the expanse of grass and trees at our local public golf course. We took an immediate liking to Joe. We learned that his father lives in one of the two 55+ apartment buildings in our neighborhood, and that his father is suffering with dementia.

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The slow process of dementia has been taking Joe’s father from his family over the last three or four years. Joe spends a lot of time supporting his father. In our conversation with Joe we talked about how his father has given him the tools he needed to create his own path. Joe’s stories speak to the reality of dealing with life and the inevitability of dying.

Joe gives his father a lot of credit for his success, including creating and selling a businesses and creating a new one.

Here is a list that his father gave him early in his career.


I have a clear sense of purpose. I know what needs to be done.

I am persistent. I invest whatever time or effort required.

I have self-knowledge. I understand my own strengths and weaknesses.

I am a perpetual learner. I am constantly developing new skills.

I love my work. I see it as an adventure.

I have the ability to attract and energize people through example.

I am emotionally mature. I accept people for how they are - not how I want them to be. I deal with the present - not the past. I don't take people for granted. I trust people. I don't need constant approval.

I am a risk taker. I have a strong sense of purpose and I am fearless.

I see mistakes as opportunities and learning experiences.

I know that leaders are followers - they strive to serve the needs of others.

Joe currently owns a BitCoin Financial Services company located in Austin. Here is a link to his company's web site :https://unchained.com/ Some of Joe's friends are associated with Qualia Research Institute 

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