Celebrating Differences

2022 and beyond: Colt and Tyree

January 02, 2022 Ani Colt and Preston "Ty" Tyree Season 3 Episode 49
Celebrating Differences
2022 and beyond: Colt and Tyree
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Episode 51: Ani Colt and Preston "Ty" Tyree look to the future of our dreams and this podcast. We cover a lot of ground in this episode and ask for your response.
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Preston "Ty" Tyree 0:07

Welcome to the growing older podcast, a discussion about growing, not aging. I am Preston “Ty” Tyree. And my co host and partner is Ani Colt. This new year brings many problems locally, nationally and globally. But it also presents many opportunities for growth, physical, mental, emotionally, and spiritual. We want to come to you this day,January 1 2022, and talk about the future of our dreams, and the podcast. Ani, will you introduce yourself and set the stage for our discussion today?

Ani Colt1:00

Thanks, Ty. And it's good to be here today. With all of the future before us. 

I am Ani Colt, author of the book, self love As spiritual practice. It's from this book that the vision of we are all ONE and the concept of ONEderment was first presented, you could say in this book. So today, we're in the beginning of a new year. And that's always a great time to get re inspired. And I am feeling inspired today. And I was doing my little inspirational thing. And then I came in and talk to you to do this podcast. And you were talking about the same thing. And I just said, Oh, that's alignment. 

That is so great. And I think that that is so important and missing in our planet. And I just gonna go off there in the moment because it I don't know if you know how to describe what alignment means. But the word almost sounds feels like it means what it sounds like alignment. It's just being aligned. Today, I want to I want to share with those listening and with you, which I told you briefly little before is I took a Facebook page that I've had for years and have done next to nothing with. But it's the concept that I felt was needed. And I started the page, and it wasn't there or ready, or perhaps it wasn't quite the right time for the ONEderment Project. And I want to tell you what I mean by that. You you have this analogy about the cells and ONEderment Would you read? Would you read that for a minute, because it builds off that

Preston "Ty" Tyree3:21

Ani has this concept of the idea of being a ONEder. And that's spelled capital O capital N, capital E, lowercase d e r, so I'm a ONEder. And I got to thinking about, you know what that meant to me, and I don't know, that just worked for her at all. But my vision of I'm a ONEder means a ONEder believes that each person is unique and worthy of love, and respect. And that all of us combined, are a necessary part of the whole. And then I want to take that into an analogy. Just as the cells in our body are all unique, but combined, they are part of the whole. And the diversity of the cells is necessary for the survival of the entity. So that's what I think I when I say, I'm a ONEder, I am unique, I am special. But I am part of the whole and I am a necessary part of the whole.

Ani Colt4:31

Great, may I build off that please. So as a part of the whole, your health and well being and your growth are part of what keeps the whole thing growing. And just as the body when some of the cells are not healthy. There are things that need to be done to get that part of the body back to health we've gotten into a medical world in, there are other things that it needs. And one of them is love. You know, one of them is light, all these aspects to really have a healthy body. So the ONEderment Project, there are a couple things that are going on that really build to this being a better time to talk about this than maybe 10 years ago. And unfortunately, both of these things are very negative, awful stuff. And that's the racial tensions in the all that's going on with the lack of accepting other races and immigration and anti racism and what our black friends and neighbors are going through in that whole world. And I sure don't want to skip anything, because there's just a lot of stuff going on. But the COVID has really shown on all those various folks around the world who are different than this, and that, that we're all connected. We are one we're like that body, you were saying you've got a body of cells, well, we've got this diverse body of cells, and they're parts of it, that are also climate change is analogous to this going on on the planet, is we've got all these cells and all this part and some of them aren't healthy, and they're changing, and they're growing the wrong way that creates imbalance on what was a healthy planet. So those those very obvious things that are going on, that now everyone can relate to, is an obvious thing of how everything is connected. The planet, I think really opens the door for this, what we call the ONEderment Project. And that's, well, how would you define it?

Preston "Ty" Tyree7:19

So well, that was what I was gonna ask you. But let me give a little background on our work with the Texas A&M School of Architecture. Ani came up with the night well, she, she got involved with a group of people who were looking at bringing assisted living, tree Muellerto our neighborhood, through lots of different routes, we ended up with a basically eight acre, four square blocks plot that the developer said, Hey, take a look at this, with the help of an architect and some other people and just we came up with a rough concept of what could be there and included lots of things included, assisted living and included. Micro living include all that stuff, it just I mean, offices, offices, potentially a small hotel, great community center. And the vision that Ani had is that this was a place to practice. We Are All ONE. And so it became known as the ONEderment Project. Well, the the University of Texas A&M, their architectural program on he had some context in the architectural program from the work she had done here in the community. And the professor said, Can we use your Project as a basis for some of our studio work some of our studio Projects for our graduate students? And we didn't know what that meant. And we said, Oh, sure. So we became, quote, the client for a set of nine students who broke into three groups, and created ONEderment central, this is the vision. We've got an eight minute video we'll put up on put the links in the show notes to the video so that you can get an idea what it is. And it's got this really neat sequence where we fly through one of the Projects that the students developed. And we talk about what it is we had conceived on that space. Well, that's great. We made a presentation here in Mueller, we had 70 People in the presentation for the students and all that kind of stuff. Then the next year, they came back and said, Oh, we'd like to do it again. So the next time, this was the final Project for a master's degree, for Master's in architecture for three students, one of them in landscape architecture and the other two just an architecture. And what they came up with was astounding. 

So they had a complete overlook of the landscaping of the whole Project. in two versions, then another one came up with a building, which was an amazing community and Resource Center, which also had available had resources for homeless people. And then the third one came up was this amazing assisted living site. And it's more than that. That was the second year. And we were like, Oh, wow, that's pretty good. So then this last year, they came back to us and said, Oh, would you be client again, where we do nothing but an assisted living site? And we said, Sure. So they came up with three different plans for assisted living on sites, either in Mueller or across the street from Mueller, which, you know, so this has been an astounding voyage with Texas A&M, about these Projects, I'll put links in the show notes to all this stuff. So people can have a look at it. It's just some of it's just incredible. So that was what was termed at one time, ONEderment central, but the vision of a place to practice We Are All ONE is the basic vision that Ani had. And I think it's the basis of the ONEderment Project. And I'm going to throw that back to Ani, because she's the one who created this. And she's the one who's got all all that. I'm just making stuff up when I start talking about Ani and the ONEderment Project. So Ani, what does it really mean?

Ani Colt11:24

I am just having this warm chuckle. Over here, hearing you describe all the amazing, amazing things that have been going on with this. That came from a vision that came from, I guess I would say my work with source and particularly through the book, self love as spiritual practice. And Ty, it's been 10 years since I got that book out there. And at the time, I kind of knew it wasn't time to promote it yet. It just I had a chance to birth it. It was like birthing it had been, you know, 20 years in the making. And I was in this amazing apartment at 200 year old. I just love about talking about that home I had when I finished up this book. And because I had written the original manuscripts years before I decided to do a post log. So I wrote my own and I was thinking, Well, I sure hope spirit shows up. And lo and behold, the book ends with when I was kind of dragged into my special room, I called my sacred space. And the words came out and ONEderment came out. Well, you know, I used to hear these. And I just write them down. And soI was surprised because I wrote instead of wonderment I wrote ONEderment. And so I have been learning from bringing these messages that I think a simple way is we can tap into higher consciousness. And sometimes a higher consciousness can tap into us and because actually, that's part of the ONEder that it's all one. And so it's been exciting, as well as a very frustrating Project to remember when we first met and I drew that line, you know, I said I spent $15,000 at a workshop to learn if you've got a goal, and you're here that it's not a straight line and the guy who gave it did this up and down and back and forth line, you know, on the on the whiteboard.

Preston "Ty" Tyree14:10

So you're gonna read the poem to us?

Ani Colt14:14

Sure. Thanks. I got off on the story again tonight. It's quite a story to have lived it's been it's quite a quite a life. This is what spirits said. Ani started writing an epilogue for our book. And finally after writing down something she was fussing over, she came over to the chair, where she meditates and writes in her journal to write down what I was saying. 

She'd been avoiding taking the time and making the space to listen. Do you take the time to hear me? You can? Do you hear that you can choose to have a friend in me. Do you hear my voice? Voice or perhaps see me in the eyes of others, or in the heart of a newborn, or a dying loved one, or see me in nature. Or when you look up and see the sun, or at night when you immerse yourself in the sky scape. It's important to acknowledge how you do see or hear me, feel me and to what extent you know me. This book will be published in 2011. A year and time many of you have been focused on the huge shifts. You just spelled this is Ani here, you just spelled H UG E all caps. And throughout this book, we use capitalization kind of as a way to communicate. And huge means if I can remember two things, heaven, urging grounded expression, the other one will come to me. But that's pretty good right there, right? 

Undoubtedly, you've been having your own personal shifts, some of them pleasant and some downright painful, scary, and life threatening. Ani often remembers that true change comes out of chaos. Sometimes she thinks of it in terms of all her moves and the chaos in restaging of life that goes along with every move. As she has pondered the reasons for all these changes, and even come to accept all her moves and shifts and current passions and purposes in her life, as she is not always noticed that she is on a greater path. Perhaps that path needs a name. We are on a divine journey. If it seems as if I am digressing I want to help Ani in this work this self love his spiritual practice book with a few words directly from the source. Here they are. 

Be in love with yourself. Know that you are loving me through your self love. Receive yourself commit to loving yourself daily if not more often. Do love your neighbors all over the planet and the other life forms the water air Earth all life forms and thus you love me a great way to be good to the earth and our peoples waters lands for us treasures is to totally open to the ONEders of who you are. And to we and again that's all Caps for the we I could go on and on yet this love is a bit like a circle with many cross points. This love is your potential. The great way to peace on earth and the way to the great gift of ONEderment o n e d e r m e n t The amazing grace of spirit within and also the amazing necessity to recognize that We Are All ONE get it live it practice. Practice seeing us as one practice recognizing your personal light or flame is indeed Godd personalize through you

Finally for now remember and know I love you all ways always God bless

It was pretty exciting. I bet it was I mean hearing that I remember I called my best friend. You know the water lady. Or Kangen Water lady Colleen and read it to her just Oh wow. Yes, the the fact that I've lived with this message and to even know what to do with it Ty. Somehow I don't So I've always had a vision of a coffee community house that's got a spiritual growth element to it. Do you remember I've said it's kind of like a church substitute sure, you know. And unfortunately, the churches in our world is wonderful, as many of them are, have also too often been a decisive, divisive, divisive force in our planet. There are a lot of good intentions on our planet, look at the United Nations look at what they're doing, you know, to try to change global climate policies. Yet, it's the inner work of the individual, that if we don't grow and heal as an individual getting back to all those cells in our body, and the energy we're putting into them, and the thoughts we're having in the emotions we're having, and of course the environment we're in, which has been a very toxic environment for two years, with the fear of COVID, even if you didn't have it, that fear energy is I could get off on talking about energy. But I want to get back to uh back of the t shirt you have on

Preston "Ty" Tyree21:22

The back of the t shirt I have on says, I'm a ONEder, you know, I was thinking about that definition I read out about, I'm a ONEder. It talks about all of the cells in the human body being necessary for survival. And I got to thinking about, okay, how does that allegory relate to human beings, individual human beings, and it is in my best interest to have all the pieces be healthy. Because if the heart says, Oh, I'm not the liver, screw the liver, I don't need it, then the whole unit, The whole organization dies. And so I can't say, black people, indigenous people, whatever, I can't say they're not important, because they're part of the whole and they are necessary for the survival of the race of the human race. And if you look at it that way, if you take that kind of approach, and that kind of attitude. And we are all are as important as each other.

Ani Colt22:32

In fact, to build on that, my sense of kind of go from a different direction, and that is, the creative power that evolved into human beings also evolved as they spread across the planet. And so we have all these differences. And the same thing has happened without what's basically a tree evolves in different places.

Preston "Ty" Tyree23:02

And there's like, 30,000, varieties of oak tree. Yeah, but they're all oak trees,

Ani Colt23:09

all that kind of diversity. That is the magnificence of the creative power. Whatever it was, that has lived on this planet. We have so much political unrest right now. We have so very strong opinions about values and morals getting down to something as basic as abortion rights, which is right in our face right now, all these issues are huge. Talking about the ONEderment Project is kind of approaching it from a different window. And it needs its thought processes, yes, and so forth. And but and each of us and an individual maybe get turned on to it. But till we start creating it communally. It doesn't gain more power, because it's like a cell working all by itself. It's a single cell. And so we need to get the people together. And that also it's it becomes an organic way to grow things. And

Preston "Ty" Tyree24:31

 was talking to my sister earlier today. And she was saying something similar that is that we started with single single celled life on this planet in the whole thrust of evolution of the whole thrust of the change has been towards complexity. And just as you know, cells developed and divided in the the mammals. How many different kinds of mammals there are, in the fact that we see this amazing diversity in the world now and realize that something like 99% of all species have already gone extinct. And so what we're left with is something around 1% of the species that were have ever lived on this earth are still alive. And look at the amazing diversity, which says to me, that that's the natural place to be is diversity.

Ani Colt25:24

It's the creative power, the creative expression of this amazing universe that we are learning more and more about. And as we learn more about the universe, I think it's helpful to change. Shift how people think about things and creation. Because naturally, some of people's visions of God and so forth came from the fact that I mean, they thought the world was flat, because that's all they could see. And so, we as human beings, are evolving. And we're messing up big time, because the two basic things that we share, is that we are anywhere from 80 to 60%. Water. And we all have to breathe air every day. And we're destroying our water sources. And we're destroying the air we breathing. So we as a supposedly, the driving force on the planet is people are what's the term? shitting in our own backyard?

Preston "Ty" Tyree26:56

Well, there's another expression which I like it's called pissing in my canteen.

Ani Colt27:00

Yeah something I mean, it's worse than that, because or poisoning, just totally poisoning, what it is to sustain us. Deep breath, it's really time to deep breathe in and take stock and the ONEderment Project. I'm hoping is, is I take the courage to coalesce some of the more of the messages I got in the poetry in his book about the universe and love and this and that, and, and that it'll be helpful. Somehow, I don't know anyone who's trying yet to put what they're learning about quantum physics into spirituality. I am very sure there are people in it will be fun to look for them. Yeah. However, in some ways, this is another version of that. And when what I've found with this material is I don't get it all. Some of it's over my head, so to speak.

Preston "Ty" Tyree28:29

Absolutely. Yeah. So this is going to be fun going into the new year.

You know, one of the things we're going to do in the new year is define a little bit tighter what the ONEderment Project looks like. We've got the vision of ONEderment Central. And we have some hope that part of that may get may get developed. We've got people talking about it and working on it. And so there's some some hope that someday maybe that'll work within our lifetimes, maybe we'll have a chance to live there. But that's one of the things we're looking forward to. But the last thing I want to talk about, is the question of what do we call the podcast? 

Because we've been calling it growing old (er). And the vision was we can grow but we don't have to get old. We can. We can keep growing as we age, we can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as we age so that it's not a long, slow decline as we become isolated and fade out. And we got talking about that. We did a lot of talking about that. But we've found that it's more of the discussion we're having a more along the lines of what people are doing, the different paths people are taking for their lives. And the just amazing diversity of not only people But the things they're doing, and the way they're finding to serve other people. And so it's we're throwing around trying to figure out okay, is there a better name? Is there something that says, better explains better defines better attracts the audience that could, will get something out of the podcast. And that's so that's what we're working on. That's what we're playing with. If you've got suggestions, I'll give you a link in the show notes. Please send your suggestion to it. If you're in Apple podcasts, if you're listening on Apple podcasts, you can make suggestions and comments. And we will actually get them. So we really would appreciate any input you've got any comments you've got? If you've gotten this far, in the podcast, listen to this through wading through all of this. Please jump on board. Run with us we have we put out 50 episodes prior to today. No 50 episodes have been downloaded I’m thinking like almost 2800 times, which is not a big following, but it's beginning to grow. And it continues to grow weekly. Downloads continue to grow weekly. So we're pretty pleased with where we are. But we think there's a bigger audience out there. And so that's part of the the rebranding effort that we're going to be making over the next at least couple of months. 

Ani Colt

Bigger message. 

Preston “Ty” Tyree

It's a bigger message. Yes. 

Ani Colt

And audience, 

Preston “Ty” Tyree

a bigger message bigger audience because we are not, we kind of focused on growing older, but our message is universal messages intergenerational. And so we're trying to figure out, Okay, let's get rid of the growing older type. Let's get let's find a new brand. That gets the message out there. And we've had a lot of fun with it. We've gotten a lot ideas, and we'll keep working till we find something that works for not only for us, but for all of you. Because if it doesn't work for our listeners, that it's not gonna work.

Ani Colt32:09

Thank you, Ty I couldn't have said it better.

Preston "Ty" Tyree32:13

So how do you want to finish it up Ani?

Ani Colt32:15

So we're, we're recording this on January 1 2022. Whatever day you listen to it, whatever time, it's always a good time to take three deep breaths. And to breathe love into yourself. receive love from source. Love your partner, your children, your family, your neighbor. Practice loving yourself and loving everybody else. It's a practice. That's the direction I ended up going on with your question. I'm really loving being in the process. And I have a sign on the wall that says trust the process..

Preston "Ty" Tyree33:11

So this has been fun. And you will be talking with Trudeau Stransky about self love and spiritual practice the book and we'll get that out. So looking forward to working with you this year.

Ani Colt33:26

Thank you. Likewise, we are all one. We are

Preston "Ty" Tyree33:30

all one and I'm a ONEder. 

Ani Colt

I'm a ONEder