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EP 20 California National Parks come visit

May 24, 2022 Belinda Zimmerman
Zee Michaelson Travel
EP 20 California National Parks come visit
Show Notes

A Popular Spot is Death Valley National Park…. Yes, I have been there it is the largest, lowest, hottest, and driest national park in the contiguous United States. Believe it or not even though it can get very hot in the summer and pretty cold at night in the winter…This place is full of life.  Fabulous views from the mountain peaks and even in the desert basins…. There are places where you can discover old gold mines or during the spring some of the wildflowers can come alive….it truly is amazing…but know this if you decide to hike…make sure you take along plenty of water.

Golden Gate Bridge…there is a great park…. now this is in Northern California.  If you are traveling to San Francisco…there is a recreation area teeming with outdoor recreation opportunities. While enjoying the great outdoors, you can also learn about California’s Indigenous cultures and their histories here. The park also includes Alcatraz Island, the famous prison off the coast of San Francisco. If you have a dog (or dogs), this is also known as one of the most dog-friendly national parks. Finally, it’s also the most visited national park unit in the country and of all the national parks in California.

Joshua Tree National Park is best known for its ancient, scraggly trees and world-class bouldering and rock climbing. Additionally, the park offers incredible hikes across desert landscapes, insanely beautiful night skies, and rich history. Unless you grew up in this area, chances are you’ve never seen anything like this place. Discover the unique ecosystem and environment by hiking, taking short strolls, or enjoying a few scenic drives.  I lived in this part of the desert.  Those Joshua Trees look crazy…and are very sharp…. but going there you think you are on another planet….

Point Reyes is a great place to visit in California and a good way to discover the Pacific Ocean’s marine life. See the giant Elephant seals how they live right there on the beaches. You can even whale watch as they migrate north or south.  You can also visit the lighthouse of take a little boat ride…. Oh yeah…this is north of San Francisco.  

Everyone has heard of this one…Redwood National Park it is home to some of the world’s tallest trees.  This was one place I never got to when I lived in California…. I still want to visit…the Redwood trees are ginormous.  

Whiskeytown National recreational Area…preserves incredible recreational opportunities in northern California. The lakes are crystal clear and of course they are surrounded by mountain peaks.  There are miles of hiking trails…that you can see many waterfalls and of course…California…you can learn more about the Gold Rush. 


There are so many National Parks…I can’t go over them all.  Just say these words when going to California…. ROAD TRIP!!!! From Southern California down by San Diego to North up past San Francisco…and everything in between. California National Parks will not disappoint…so here is my last one for today

One of the most famous and popular national parks in California and the country, Yosemite is considered one of the crown jewels of the U.S. National Park Service. Millions of visitors flock here every year to take in the vistas and hike to remote wilderness areas. Yosemite has everything…Backpacking, biking, birding, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, ranger programs, rock climbing, scenic drives, water activities, wint