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Episode #163: A Reflection on Juneteenth with the Honorable Stephen D. Holmes
Episode #163: A Reflection on Juneteenth with the Honorable Stephen D. Holmes 25:31 Episode #162: Caregiving in African American Families w/Tina Thomas 25:57 Episode #161: Black Women and Fibroids w/Dr. Kalahn Taylor-Clark 28:52 Episode #160: Black Men and Mental Health w/Dr. Pervis Taylor III 27:41 Episode #159: The Struggles of Becoming a Visionary Leader w/Karena Dykes 29:15 Episode #158: The intersection between aging, women's health, and culture w/Vanessa L. Hill 33:32 Episode #157: No Menthol Sunday! 25:36 Episode #156: Understanding Genetics and hATTR Amyloidosis 31:24 Episode #155: Let's Talk Lupus! w/Diane Gross & Ebony Scott of the Lupus Research Alliance 31:51 Episode #154: Let’s Talk About Chronic Kidney Disease w/Sandra L. Gadson, MD 27:04 Episode #153: Sharing Thoughts on the Holy Days of Lent w/ Rev. Dr. Marcus Allen, Sr. 35:39 Episode #152: The Impact of Personalized Medicine on the African American Multiple Myeloma Community w/ Dr. Hearn Jay Cho 32:44 Surviving Multiple Myeloma w/ Dr. Craig Cole & Bryon Cole 30:51 Episode 150: I Am She — Empowering Women During Women's History Month 30:24 Episode #149: Our Global Footprints on HIV w/ Dr. Marsha Martin 33:28 Episode #148: 33 Years and Counting! w/ Dr. Typhanye Vielka Dyer 28:04 Episode #147: Hidden Figures: Women of the Civil Rights Movement! w/ Nell Braxton Gibson 38:44 Episode #146: The Black Church, Democracy First Responders! w/ Rev. Dr. Willie Francois III 31:53 Episode #145: Ancestral Discoveries Including African Burial Grounds 27:57 Episode #144: The Orangeburg Massacre: An Eyewitness Recount 58 Years Later w/ Dr. Lionell Sabb 33:05 Episode #143: Taking the Stress out of Heart Health w/ Patrice Desvigne-Nickens, MD 23:54 Episode #142: Aging, Women’s Health & Culture! w/ Vanessa L. Hill 33:32 Episode #141: Let's Go With Joy! w/ Alice Freeman 29:35 Episode #140: Musings w/ Pam Price 34:34 Episode #139: Holiday Eating and Plant-Based Joy! w/ Donna Green-Goodman 31:53