Beyond The Frontline

EP:43 Justin "BoFlex" Bohanan and Make a Vet Sweat

August 09, 2023 Donna Hoffmeyer & Jay Johnson Season 2 Episode 43
Beyond The Frontline
EP:43 Justin "BoFlex" Bohanan and Make a Vet Sweat
Show Notes

When a Veteran starts a non-profit for other Veterans there is always a big reason.

Meet Justin "BoFlex" Bohanan. Army Airborne turned recruiter and now Veteran, trainer, and Founder/Executive Director of Make a Vet Sweat. Justin sits down with Donna and Jay to talk about the journey from high adrenaline military career to a downward spiral into extreme activities, drugs, alcohol, and contemplating suicide; and the point in that journey that lead him to start Make a Vets Sweat.

Find out who is his biggest influence in life,  how he brings a community together to embrace Veterans through workouts and learn about the incredible prize participating gyms can win. Listen to the end to find out the date for their upcoming annual fundraising Gala and the announcement of the MC/guest speaker.

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