The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 3 - The Process Series

January 16, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 3
Episode 3 - The Process Series
The Abundance Spectrum
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The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 3 - The Process Series
Jan 16, 2022 Season 2 Episode 3
CD Mondo

Episode 3 - Your Divine Seed

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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Episode 3 - Your Divine Seed

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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 The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 3



Your Divine Seed

The process has stages as we go through it, as we are losing the fear density and gaining the love frequency. Every individual human will have a unique experience as to the timing in the process, the stages, the experiences, the intensity of the energy swings, all of it unique to you, as your divine seed begins to awaken.

Let's take a moment to discuss your divine seed. Each human has inside of them their own unique divine seed, your personal blueprint to becoming a unique and powerful higher vibrating frequency being. This is programmed in each of our genetic code, our DNA, its your custom app for becoming the absolute you.  

Like a plant seed that knows inherently what it is to become, your divine seed knows too the wonderfulness, in magical detail, of who you are becoming, complete with incredibly special gifts, uniquely yours. Your divine seed simply needs the right conditions to be able to sprout, grow, and bloom. It is the Process.

Imagine for a moment, that you had no knowledge of how a plant seed works here on earth, say you have never seen one before. Then, while you were out walking, you found a watermelon seed on the ground, beyond its unique shape and shiny black color you would have no knowledge of what this really is, what it does, how its process works and no knowing of its true potential to morph into something unfathomably more beautiful than the current form it takes.

So, without that knowledge, one might simply bring that watermelon seed home and place it on a shelf. Overtime, as the seed just sits there collecting dust, it will begin to degrade and decompose, without an aware conscious being to knowingly create the conditions that seed requires, it will just have passed through this lifetime unable to unlock and express its true potential. There is always next lifetime.

The vast potential of this watermelon seed, it’s amazing built-in blueprint of what it’s here to become, hidden by nature from the undiscerning eye, will never reach its divine destiny, to crack through its shell and sprout into the light, struggle to grow and willing enter the high stress of blooming into its completed expression, a beautiful life sustaining fruit.

If only you had the knowledge of what the seed’s process was, what was required, simply the combination of soil, water, sunlight and some gentle care, you could have created the right conditions for this blooming. 

The human’s divine seed is very similar. You and every other human have a unique divine seed inside of you, the divine design that you are here to bloom into, as the absolute you.  Just as the watermelon seed’s shell houses and protects its divine blueprint, so does your physical form, the depths of which, yet again are hidden from the undiscerning eye. 

The process and related struggles of the rapid evolutionary period we are currently in, are helping to create the conditions within us all to allow the possibility for you blooming to take place, in this lifetime.  


Like the watermelon seed, your divine seed also requires the conditions to be just right to bloom.  However, you and every other human on the planet have a roadblock to creating the right conditions. Each of us has a built-in detractor, a force blocking us. Something that's actively trying to make sure the conditions are not right. Going so far as to make every effort hide or obscure even the knowledge of your divine seed’s existence. Ye, are gods but ye shall die like men.  

Meaning the egoic mind, the malware, the bad wolf is trying to keep you asleep, continually distracting you, all in an attempt to derail your divine seed from sprouting, growing and blooming. This is a major part of the bad wolf's mission in this realm, to divert our attention so we humans do not wake up to our divine higher vibrational frequency, because in doing so, this spells the end of the bad wolf.

It crashes the fear generating system, as you cannot generate fear from a higher vibrational awakened human. So, the bad wolf will fight to keep you as a hostage, it's host body fear generating station, distracting you with a never-ending stream of lies. Remember all mental fear is a lie.  

The four agreements calls it the smoky mirror, it is the bad wolf, cloaked sitting shotgun behind your eyes, operating your buttons and levers, dumping lies into your stream of consciousness and always attempting, and unfortunately often succeeding, to dance you to its negative tune, all while attempting to block you from awaking, becoming and expressing your beautifully unique divine seed, the absolute you.  

As we have discussed in prior episodes, the love vibration is increasing on planet earth, which manifests as more fear and insanity on the planet as this love vibration squeezes out the fear density of the entire human collective. This love based vibrational frequency has been slowly creeping in over a long period of time here on earth however as we speak this slower creep has moved to an ever-increasing flow and at some unknown point in the future, this flow will give way to a sudden gushing rush, a crescendo! 

This quote from a channeled source sums it up nicely! “Heaven set up a specific time, based on the movements of physicality and the divine precession of this solar system. Upon which, this glorious living sphere will witness a grand miracle, and heaven’s sacred light will dance across her and transform all.” 

So if you're paying attention you can see that the timing is upon us and we must prepare in this present moment for what will ultimately arrive as an escape velocity. So now the question is are you ready, can you handle the light?

When this heaven’s sacred light dances across the planet, no human is unchanged, those that are service to self and full of the bad wolf will be unable to handle the light and likely just blow a fuse, game over, that’s do-over in a fear-based realm for the next round for those lost in form and unwilling to do the work to wake up.  

But for those who have been working on increasing the love vibration in themselves and others, many are experiencing what we'd call an extreme struggle, especially when we dare to leave the now, the present moment, which serves as our highest and best protection from the bad wolf. 

The struggle is painfully real, as this is what it feels like to be turned upside up in an upside-down world. It may be counter intuitive, however it’s the conscious embracing and even welcoming of the struggle, that brings us to an increased vibrational frequency and readies us to integrate the ongoing and unstoppable increasing love vibration, and inevitably, the coming light dance crescendo, the blooming of our divine seed.

Steps to the blooming of   divine seed. 

Step one is the sprouting, the cracking of the hard shell of the egoic mind, to allow that first ray of light into your divine seed. This happens through the awareness that there are two of you. The egoic mind and the consciousness that watches the egoic mind. You are required to choose, it’s that simple, choose that you are either one or the other, and as much as the egoic mind will argue to the contrary, you can’t be both. 

The separation from the bad wolf begins when you firmly choose, and keep choosing, to be the consciousness that watches the egoic mind, constantly choosing the truth, that you are the good wolf, the absolute you.  It is in this choice, this realization that cracks open your divine seed, allowing your first sprout to come through and starts an unstoppable process of your march toward the light. 

This simple recognition of the Double You, the good wolf and the bad wolf both being built into you, allows you to become the watcher, disidentifying with the egoic mind itself.  Only then, we can begin to overcome that detractor, the bad wolf, We don't need to believe those lies any longer.

The next step is the growth stage.  Where your divine plant begins to grow in earnest.  On one hand, for those that are aware they are in a process, this stage brings the welcoming of the increased love vibration stream, think of it as the water and the nutrients your plant needs to grow strong and healthy. 

Yet on the other hand is punctuated by intensely wild swings in the fear vibration.  This growth stage is the struggle of a lifetime or maybe even a few lifetimes, simply put it’s a bitch. Try to be among those who can see this as a process that's happening “for you” and offer gratitude, as you experience the effervescing off of the fear density through your mind and body. 

This “spiritual growth” manifests as wild pendulum swings, highs and lows with bone crushing anxiety, sometimes seemingly unrelated to any causation. Situations, conflicts and experiences that we might consider to be our worst nightmares are presented to us in a larger-than-life fashion, as our core wounds are relentless in their demand to be seen and felt, as if to crawl all over us, requiring that they be literally embraced and accepted before they can be dissolved. Sorry, there is hiding from your core wounds. We've dedicated an entire future episode.  

Luckily the pendulum also swings the other way, deep into the love vibration. The “highs” of the highs and lows. Here, while often more subtle than the lows, we experience beautiful synchronicities, energetic miracles, moments of deep calmness, peace and serenity, and empowering events that leave us no doubt that there is a higher power looking out for us. 

Whiles these events may, for some, feel few and far between their undeniable divine nature must be recognized and gratitude voiced, preferably out loud, for each one of them.  For being in and feeling the experience of gratitude is what creates more of these wonderful events and experiences. 

The final stage is the blooming. The blooming requires conditions beyond those inside of you and are not in your direct control, although, as your always on broadcasting and receiving station signals merge with the collective, how you are vibrating matters and effects the whole system, one way or another. 

It is a universe driven process that triggers the blooming, being managed by powers well beyond this realm and as such, it doesn’t require you do any more than the intense effort of allowing the fear density to dissolve through you in the growth stage.  

It's important to reiterate, your growth stage efforts are critical to the blooming, because without your awareness, commitment and struggle in the growth stage your physical form would be filled with too much of the fear density for you to successfully navigate the bloom stage.  

The blooming stage is delivered by the the universe in the form of the divinely timed light dance on planet earth. This explosive sun and plasma driven crescendo is powerfully rich in x rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays which are the driving force for your blooming. So, if you're ready, if your lamp is filled with oil, this crescendo delivers the full expression, the manifestation, the blooming of your glorious fruit, precisely in line with the  miraculous predetermined blueprint within your DNA, your divine seed. 

Is your seed a tomato, a watermelon, kiwi, an almond, this is unknown but what is known is, your true inner beauty, one that will that vibrates 100% without fear, will emerge anew having taken love’s true form nothing short of a divine glowing human being. Its time to do the work, to get ready to become the fearless and pure absolute you.