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A Horse-Friend Cure to PTSD with Cheryl Eriksen

November 14, 2023 Cheryl Eriksen, Author, Horse midwife, Equire Behavior student, and Blogger Season 2 Episode 29
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A Horse-Friend Cure to PTSD with Cheryl Eriksen
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Join us in our latest episode as we dive deep into these topics with award-winning author and horse midwife, Cheryl Eriksen.

Mental health is something we take seriously, and we continue to shed light on this vital issue. In this episode, we pivot from book promotion to dissect the complexities of PTSD. Our conversation centers on the understanding that trauma isn't exclusive to the battlefield but can affect us all. We underscore the importance of recognizing symptoms, promoting open discussions about mental health, and understanding the impact of unaddressed trauma responses. Cheryl's personal journey with PTSD provides a poignant and invaluable perspective.

Rounding up, we touch on the topics of self-love, the hurdles of self-publishing, and the importance of good editing. Eriksen's transformation from trauma to a state of self-love is an inspiring testament to the power of a positive mindset. We pull back the curtains on the world of self-publishing, highlighting the value of creative control, and having a professional-looking book. To wrap up, we throw light on the indispensability of a good editor and provide strategies that could ease the editing process. Join us for this enlightening conversation with Cheryl Eriksen and let's explore this labyrinth together.

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Using Reviews for Book Promotion
Understanding PTSD and Mental Health
Importance of Animal Therapy and Self-Discovery
Challenges and Control in Self-Publishing
Editing and Reading Aloud's Importance
Transformation and Motivation in Self-Love
Navigating the Writing and Publishing Process