How to Start Living Your Dream Life with Sha Sparks
Chasing Financial Freedom
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Chasing Financial Freedom
How to Start Living Your Dream Life with Sha Sparks
Aug 10, 2022 Season 4 Episode 21
Ryan DeMent

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 Let's talk about living your dream life.

On this Chasing Financial Freedom podcast episode, we have special guest Shā Sparks. Shā is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks leaders in transition, who are unclear, to go from fear to fire up about their life and business. She wants to inspire others to move confidently through change so they can step into their FIRE power!

Shā is the Chief Excitement Officer of Sparks of Fire International, and she is the host of The Power of Investing in People Podcast. She's here today to help you figure out how to start living the life you've always wanted—and she'll cover everything from identifying your dream life and what it takes to get there to how to start a podcast.

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