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Help! Make it Make Sense with Dr. Toni and Dr. Aimee


Do you get overwhelmed by science? Does it mystify or scare you? Have you ever wondered if scientists are normal people and why they use so much freakin’ jargon when they talk? You’re not alone! In this podcast, you’ll enter the world of science through conversations between two friends who happen to be a med peds doctor (internist and pediatrician) and an immunology professor. They will talk through the most recent and crazy headlines and help you separate the nuggets of truth from the B. S.!Relax, pop in your ear buds, and listen to conversations about science that will surprise, delight, and inform you.Dr. Aimee Bernard is a PhD in immunology with expertise in science communication, community science outreach, and medical education. Dr. Toni Eyssallenne is an MD, PhD double boarded in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics with expertise in global and public health, health equity, and medical education. Both have been actively working in their fields for over 15 years and are dedicated to improving access and understanding to population level questions about science and medicine.