A Biblical approach to health and fitness with Brandice Lardner
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A Biblical approach to health and fitness with Brandice Lardner
Jan 27, 2023 Season 2 Episode 60
Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista

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In today’s episode, we are welcoming another amazing guest, Brandice from Grace Filled Plate. She started her journey as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Through that career, she was able to see that people don't change easily without knowing Jesus and the work of the Spirit.  

Today you’ll hear:

- The background behind this whole topic of weight loss, body image, the weight gain/loss cycle, and the marketing schemes of the world we get hoodwinked into;

- How bringing God into our health and fitness and relying on the Lord can bring about change through His strength; 

- A beautiful invite for us to start seeing things through the lens of our faith'

- How our approach to EVERYTHING in life, including the desire to lose weight, must align with the truths and principles of Scripture.

As we talk about diet, culture, and the like, remember the foundation: your identity is not in your weight or how you look, your identity is in who you are in Christ. 

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