How to be content when your boundaries hinder your goals with Christa Hutchins
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How to be content when your boundaries hinder your goals with Christa Hutchins
Feb 10, 2023 Season 2 Episode 63
Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista

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In today’s episode, we are welcoming a special guest, Christa Hutchins, who is an expert in managing projects, dealing with boundaries and barriers, and goal-setting.

We tend to think of boundaries as something that's very negative, something that's keeping us from doing what we might want to do.

However, we need to understand that God has given us boundaries because He loves and cares for us. He's given us boundaries to protect us. 

Tune in today and hear:

  • How to balance setting goals in light of the boundaries you have.
  • How to break through barriers. 
  • How the Lord used Christa’s boundaries in her life to direct her goals
  • Tips on how to reach your goals, how to recognize your boundaries and barriers, and how to accomplish the things that God is calling you to do!

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