Learning from the Rechabites how to live set apart
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Learning from the Rechabites how to live set apart
Apr 24, 2023 Season 2

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This week, Jen and AJ introduce us to the story of the week: the Rechabites - from Jeremiah 35 and how it compares to Romans 8:12-13!

The Rechabites were nomads, always wandering from place to place. In Jeremiah 35, they were tested by God through Jeremiah when he offered them wine.  

Rechabites are an example to us. They said no to cultural norms. They had to give up land ownership and certain other things in order to obey the commands of their forefathers. And that's what it is for us as life of a believer too. We have to say, yes, I'm going to follow Christ. When we are trusting in Christ, we are living in the spirit, and yet we are given commands, we are given things to do that can only be done by Christ living in us.

As believers, we have something so much more powerful than rules and the law. The law points out what's right and wrong, but what it is not able to do is empower us to live accordingly.

We have something so much more powerful than just the law because we have the spirit of God, which indwells us. He is giving life to our mortal bodies.  

This is a story about obedience and faithfulness. Listen to today’s episode and fill your heart with reminders of the goodness of following God’s Word.  We hope you see the Rechabites as an example to us believers. 

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