Deadly distractions and learning to say no
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Deadly distractions and learning to say no
May 22, 2023 Season 2 Episode 80

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in today’s episode, Jen and AJ are looking at Nehemiah's chapter 6 and talking about the different types of distractions that Nehemiah faced and how this relates to our lives today.

Do you have a problem setting boundaries? With saying “No”? Nehemiah is an example of saying no to quite a few different things. He had the discernment to understand why he needed to say no, and why it was actually imperative for him to say no. 

And that’s what we are talking about today! We can see from the life of Nehemiah, a great example of somebody who was a leader, yet lived in constant dependence on God. Let's use today’s episode to remember our mission, and remember the reason that we MUST sometimes say no. 

Our mission is to build the kingdom of God and to glorify him so that he can draw others unto himself. 

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