How to address sin in your closest relationships
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How to address sin in your closest relationships
Aug 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 90
Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista

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Most of you listening have probably experienced to some degree or another a similar situation where someone that you love is making poor decisions and you are trying to figure out how to handle it with grace and truth.

And today we are turning to Galatians 2 to see how Scripture advises us in this case. 

When is it right for us to confront somebody who is in sin? And how would we deal with the situation from our member’s question?

You’ll have to tune in to this encouraging episode to get the answer! There’s advice being thrown left and right and it is really good, whether you are in a situation like the above or not! But, spoiler alert: God’s grace is definitely involved in our answer!

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