I AM HealingStrong

45: Finding Freedom from Addiction with Nancianne Kirkpatrick

April 24, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 45
I AM HealingStrong
45: Finding Freedom from Addiction with Nancianne Kirkpatrick
Show Notes

Nancianne was brought up in a poverty-stricken home, riddled with substance abuse, never knowing Christ. After 18 years of substance abuse, divorce, and reckless living, she found herself in jail, where she got near a Bible. God met Nancianne on her knees in that jail cell and her life has never been the same! He took her addictions and gave her a new Spirit. A Spirit of life, truth and the longing to obey God's Word. Unbelievable transformation has occurred in Nancianne since the day God took her addictions and welcomed her into His beautiful family. God has reconciled her marriage, put children in the barren woman's house, restored relationships with family, healed her from crippling anxiety and dyslexia, and given her overwhelming peace and joy. How great is our God! God has placed a call on Nancianne's heart to be an advocate for people in jail and struggling with addiction. She strives to lead by example through healthy eating, exercise, education, and most importantly maintaining a close relationship with God. She volunteers for HealingStrong on the Prayer Team and for the Isaiah 61.1 Project as a mentor to people in jail. 

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