I AM HealingStrong

49: A Breast Cancer Vacation with Gayle Williams

May 22, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 49
I AM HealingStrong
49: A Breast Cancer Vacation with Gayle Williams
Show Notes

Gayle is a new HealingStrong Group Leader for Kentucky and a breast cancer thriver! In July of 2019, she was blindsided with an invasive ductal carcinoma diagnosis. She had known for years that if she was to ever be diagnosed with cancer, she would not do the conventional chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. She had heard about alternative treatments when her mom was going through a cancer journey in 2015, so after her own diagnosis, she decided to spend time in prayer and get direction from the Lord, so the first week after my diagnosis that is what she did. No research, just time in God’s Word and in prayer while spending time with her family on vacation. She rewatched a cancer series, where she heard about Chris Wark, and from Chris Wark, heard about HealingStrong. She got on the HealingStrong website and searched for a group and knew this was an organization that she would be connected with for years. What Gayle loves about HealingStrong is the community and the individual relationships. It’s a place where you know you can trust being heard and understood without criticism. Gayle says, “We all have a different journey to walk through, and the goal is to get all the information we can and seek God for the direction we need for our individual healing.” 

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