I AM HealingStrong

50: God's Perfect Timing with Holle Knowles

May 29, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 50
I AM HealingStrong
50: God's Perfect Timing with Holle Knowles
Show Notes

Holle is a HealingStrong friend and currently a therapeutic instructor. Holle was integral in helping shape the structure of HealingStrong, which in part, helps in guiding group leaders with policies, procedures and processes. She came into therapeutic movement through the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 2005 with an injury. Beginning a GYROTONIC® apprenticeship at Body-n-Balance in Alpharetta, Georgia, she began to teach while rehabilitating her shoulder.⁣

She is certified as a Gyrokinesis instructor and a Pre-Trainer authorized to teach students beginning on their own path to instructorship.   ⁣

Holle attended her first therapeutic course with Paul Horvath and Uwe Herbstreit in 2007, and the direction of her work refined towards holistic, comprehensive resolution of bio-mechanical pain patterns.  In working with people struggling through chronic pain, she recognized a frequent connection to situations of stress and backgrounds of trauma. Combining the beauty of art and nature, the kinship of supportive people, and the empowerment of movement, she started facilitating retreats for women to restore hope and foster healing.⁣

To more fully help people bridge the divide between movement potential and current restrictions, Holle gained her licensed massage therapist designation in 2020, and shortly after began personal mentorship under 5 time Olympic team massage therapist Benny Vaughn.

Holle’s Website: www.holleknowles.com

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