I AM HealingStrong

51: Sleep is for Restoration with Joni Bellew Watkins

June 05, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 51
I AM HealingStrong
51: Sleep is for Restoration with Joni Bellew Watkins
Show Notes

As a stage 3 Cancer thriver and 4 years out; Joni is married to Chuck Watkins stage 4 thriver… also 4 years out. They are huge fans of HealingStrong, as this ministry was instrumental in getting them to a safe landing place. Nahum 1:7-9. 

Professionally, Joni is employed at Northside Hospital Atlanta, as a case manager and as a certified nutritionist. Joni incorporates nutritional advice with her care coordination role. 

Chuck and Joni are currently enrolled in Bible College and plan to be in full time ministry within the next two years. 

It is Joni’s belief that one of the best barometers of a well-lived life, is the ability to hit the pillow and sleep like a baby. So, Joni loves to talk about restorative sleep. It is one of her greatest passions for living and HealingStrong! She also authored the book, Nurse, Nurse, I’m Worse! Can You Help Me Sleep?

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