I AM HealingStrong

60: Faith in the Healing w/ Dr. Antonio Jimenez & Suzy Griswold

September 11, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 60
I AM HealingStrong
60: Faith in the Healing w/ Dr. Antonio Jimenez & Suzy Griswold
Show Notes

DR. ANTONIO JIMENEZ, M.D., N.D., is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers—a world leader at the frontier of integrative oncology—with locations in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. For more than 30 years, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research,  implementation of integrative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders. Affectionately known by his patients and colleagues simply as “Dr. Tony,” Dr. Jimenez is one of the most trusted voices in the world of integrative cancer therapy. His 7 Key Principles of Cancer TherapyTM, the basis for his comprehensive, integrative protocols, are discussed in detail in his highly acclaimed book, Hope for Cancer: 7 Principes to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey. Dr. Jimenez is one of seven physicians worldwide certified to treat patients with the Gonzalez Protocol. He is known as an avid educator who has shared his wisdom with large audiences in dozens of countries across the world including through his free Dr. Tony’s Integrative Webinar Series.

Suzy Griswold is a 13 plus year Thyroid Cancer Thriver, and the Founder and President of HealingStrong. Suzy took a natural approach to healing and when she learned of other survivors, a true grassroots movement began. HealingStrong empowers, inspires and equips group participants and members to live more whole and hope filled lives through small community groups worldwide.

In this episode, Dr. Tony and Suzy share memories, common missions and the connections between Hope4Cancer and HealingStrong.

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