I AM HealingStrong

61: Group Leaders & their Journeys w/ Gel & Mary Houston Group Leaders

September 18, 2023 HealingStrong Episode 61
I AM HealingStrong
61: Group Leaders & their Journeys w/ Gel & Mary Houston Group Leaders
Show Notes

Gel (Angelica) and her husband promptly brought her 2015 diagnosis up to the Lord and He led them to a path that involved implementing a better lifestyle; employing non-conventional therapies; uplifting the soul; collaborating with integrative practitioners; and partnering with praying friends that surround us with positivity. HealingStrong is Gel’s answered prayer and so she is dedicating this ministry to all that may be encouraged and have a closer relationship with the Healer.⁣

Mary was introduced to Suzy and HealingStrong in 2014 as her husband Nigel was fighting colon cancer. Mary and Nigel recognized the benefit of going beyond conventional treatment to include Spiritual and Emotional healing, dietary changes and realizing that Hope is a huge strategy when battling chronic diseases. Mary joined the HealingStrong Family as a leader in Houston in 2016 and is a Regional mentor. The Houston group is the longest running HealingStrong group. Mary’s focus is on ensuring that each person going through a cancer journey has a Village of support, Hope, Faith, & Love.

In this episode, Mary and Angelica share the origin of their connection, running the Houston HealingStrong group and conference happenings to celebrate HealingStrong’s 10 year anniversary. 

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