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Go Electric Podcast with Guest: CEO of CleanTech Alliance

January 04, 2022 Robb
Go Electric!
Go Electric Podcast with Guest: CEO of CleanTech Alliance
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In this episode of  Go Electric, we hear from Mel Clark, President and CEO of CleanTech Alliance. CleanTech Alliance is dedicated to the development and growth of companies and jobs that help make our world cleaner and greener. With over 1100 member organizations, CleanTech Alliance helps like-minded people from different industries collaborate and cooperate as we move toward the goal of a clean energy economy. 

Who are CleanTech Alliance’s partners?

Mel explained that the Alliance works with a variety of different changemakers, from individual entrepreneurs and small startups to major companies like Boeing. As climate change becomes a more ubiquitous concern, more and more companies recognize the role they have to play in creating a better future for our world. Mel emphasized that while “clean tech” may once have been thought of as niche, it is now becoming more universal. “We’re excited when a ‘traditional’ company that doesn’t think of themselves as being a cleantech company realizes that actually, they are.”

Benefits of membership 

CleanTech Alliance makes it possible for member organizations to accomplish more together than they would on their own. Mel shared that one of the most significant benefits of membership with the Alliance is the ability to make connections - especially those you might not know you needed - within your industry and with people in completely different fields. 

Many of these connections happen at the Alliance’s networking events. “I think our favorite event at CleanTech Alliance is our Innovation Showcase,” Mel said. This event, which takes place in late June 2022, showcases the latest research or innovations happening at 24 of the Alliance member organizations across different industries. Attendees at this event will also hear from some major industry members about the challenges they’re currently working to solve or new technologies that they are adopting. 

Mel also discussed the CleanTech Alliance accelerator Cascadia, which, in collaboration with Portland OR’s Virtue Lab, helps small to midsize organizations refine their business skills, receive mentorship and more to help launch their cleantech vision. 

Making connections in the pandemic era

Covid-19 has changed the way we connect to each other but it hasn’t slowed the work being done at CleanTech Alliance. As a fully virtual organization, the Alliance has been able to adapt to the evolving landscape and keep growing. 

While the Alliance hopes to resume in-person events in 2022, the pandemic hasn’t prevented them from nurturing connections between members. Mel noted that holding the Alliance’s networking events virtually meant reaching greater numbers of people, as physical location is no longer a barrier to participation. 

Leading the change

Mel also commented on the leadership happening at the city and state levels driving change toward a cleaner economy. Legislation in Washington state has produced some of the country’s most progressive clean fuel standards. New York City has implemented a “bold yet strict” carbon tax. But we’re also seeing exciting changes coming out of places perhaps not traditionally thought of as climate leaders - Boise, ID has set some ambitious climate goals for their state; Texas has developed some of the largest wind farms in the country. 

These kinds of changes drive home the CleanTech Alliance message that a cleaner, greener, safer world for everyone can be achieved when people across different locations, industries, and backgrounds work together.  

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