The Mindset Behind Your Winning SEO Strategy!
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
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The Simple and Smart SEO Show
The Mindset Behind Your Winning SEO Strategy!
Jun 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 2
Crystal Waddell, Brittany Herzberg

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Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!

What's in our 3rd episode?

Join us as we discuss mindset and our own mindset shifts toward SEO in this episode of the Simple and Smart SEO podcast!

Here's a few points of discussion:

•Shopify store owners need to develop their own custom SEO strategy because there is no one size fits all for every business.
• Documentation is important for an effective SEO strategy.
• Product titles, collection titles, alt text, meta descriptions, blogs and on page copy are some of the elements that should be considered when developing an SEO strategy.
• Utilizing keyword research and internal linking are also important parts of an effective SEO strategy.

What was your favorite takeaway? 
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