SEO Tools of Top Experts in 2023 (Easy for you to use too!)
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
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The Simple and Smart SEO Show
SEO Tools of Top Experts in 2023 (Easy for you to use too!)
Jun 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 5
Crystal Waddell, Brittany Herzberg

Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!

What's inside?

• On today’s episode, we discuss their favorite SEO tools for Google.
• Brittany’s top pick is Ubersuggest, which she uses for keyword research and site audits.
• Crystal loves Surfer SEO, which can help you with things like adding missing keywords and adding internal links, as well as giving you ideas for new content.
• Brittany's second pick is the Keywords Everywhere extension to download keywords and export them.
• Crystal's second pick is Ahrefs, which has a free version that lets you utilize some of its features (broken links and other errors) for one website.
• Brittany also touches on how Google's "people also ask"  and "related searches" sections can give you content ideas and different keyword phrasings to consider.
• Crystal's final pick is the Content king app. Content King provides SEO site health feedback in real time and gives you a list of tasks to improve your website's ranking.
• Remember that it takes time for changes to show results- keep at it!

Which tool do you want to start using?

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