Use SEO & Ads Like the Experts w/ Ashleigh Chanél (Pt. 1)
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
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The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Use SEO & Ads Like the Experts w/ Ashleigh Chanél (Pt. 1)
Aug 24, 2022 Season 1 Episode 13
Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell, Ashleigh Chanel

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Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!

We chat w/ social media ads expert Ashleigh Chanél about words that sell ... and of course, SEO! Ashleigh Chanél has 2 first names and 2 middle names. Also, 1 last name! 🤣🤣🤣
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About Ashleigh Chanél:

A world travelling lover of charcuterie boards, expert Digital Marketer & the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency. 

Ashleigh Chanél helps profit-driven business owners transform their businesses into revenue-generating & impact-creating machines without the extra time and stress. 

I position my clients as authorities in their industries with tailored organic & paid marketing and advertising strategies.


  • SEO is important for EVERY business.
  • It can take some time to see results from SEO.
  • SEO is a great way to get in front of people who know what they want or need.

On Ads:

  • Ads are a great way to market: they are easy to set up & don't require a lot of effort.
  • Ads can be used to target people who have visited your website before.
  • The 4 main types of ads: personality, credibility, vulnerability, & feel-good.
  • Ads can work if you have a plan & know what your audience wants.
  • Most effective when your messaging is on point.
  • Can be used to target people who have visited your site before.

On Connecting With Your Audience:

  • Voice notes are a great way to connect with your audience & build relationships.
  • You need to invest time or money into marketing tactics that will help you reach your goals.
  • Learn how copying other people's messaging can lead to business problems down the road.

On Marketing:

  • All marketing strategies work, so pick 1 & stick with it.
  • Ashleigh Chanél shares her favorite Rachel Rogers' suggestion.
  • Understa
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