Measure SEO Success of your Blogs w/ Holly Weidman
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The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Measure SEO Success of your Blogs w/ Holly Weidman
Mar 22, 2023 Season 1 Episode 44
Holly Weidman, Crystal Waddell, Brittany Herzberg

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Holly Weidman is an SEO Consultant for Female Business Owners and Bloggers!

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1.  Holly cautions against knee-jerk reactions to Google updates and recommends waiting it out before making changes.

  • To understand what content Google will display, study its results and understand the different presentations it offers (e.g. a YouTube video, a snippet, an organic link).
  • "Infinite scrolling" keeps people on Google longer, making them more likely to click on a result.

2.  Holly  suggests choosing five to seven topics for pillar posts to make Google see you as an authority on a topic.

  • For blog posts, interlinking (aka internal links) is important for Google and headings should be included that help readers skim through the content easily.
  • Tracking metrics is key to understanding if efforts are achieving desired goals.

3. Metrics to track in Google Analytics and Search Console:

  • Page Views, and SEO performance (organic traffic).
  • Audit past content is to evaluate reader experience (images, headings, etc.) 

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