Pinterest Strategies to Maximize SEO w/Mackenzie Armstrong
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The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Pinterest Strategies to Maximize SEO w/Mackenzie Armstrong
May 24, 2023 Season 2 Episode 53
Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell

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The discussion focused on leveraging Pinterest as an offsite SEO strategy and maximizing its potential to drive traffic to blogs, podcasts, and e-commerce websites.

Mackenzie Armstrong is a Pinterest strategist for bloggers and podcasters.

1. Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform.

  • Conduct SEO research within Pinterest for better results.
  • Promote content on Pinterest ahead of the actual season and use clear, concise graphic designs.
  • Pinterest analytics help identify high-performing content and seasonal trends to inform future content strategies.

2. Focus on email list building as a primary call-to-action (CTA) when driving traffic from Pinterest to a website.

  • Embed YouTube videos in blog posts rather than directly linking to YouTube from Pinterest.
  • Make sure boards on a business account are relevant to the business and convert any irrelevant boards to secret boards.
  • Consider creating blog posts about products to help expand the content available for pins.

3. Viewing Pinterest as an offsite SEO strategy can help rank on Google search and increase visibility for blogs, podcasts, and e-commerce websites.

  • Emphasis on incorporating SEO throughout Pinterest accounts, including profile descriptions, board names, and pin titles.
  • For podcasters or content creators, create seven pins per week, one for each day, related to the content produced.
  • Perform keyword research for SEO within Pinterest by typing topics into the search bar and noting suggested keywords.

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