Speaking Of Speaking

Ramping Up Speaking Success with Unshakable Confidence, with special guest Sharon Rolph

April 13, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 92
Speaking Of Speaking
Ramping Up Speaking Success with Unshakable Confidence, with special guest Sharon Rolph
Show Notes

What does it take to really own the platform?  Is it having a seamless talk, a compelling offer, a heartfelt story?  Sure, all of those things definitely help you win over your audience and measure your success. However without confidence, you'll most likely falter somewhere along the way...even IF you have the compelling (no brainer) offer, the kick ass talk and the 'tug at the heartstrings' story.' Carl and his guest talk about a number of things, including how to have 'unshakeable confidence/ when it matters the most.

When Sharon retired from Boeing in 2016, she put her skills as a Behavioral Scientist to work as a Retirement/Essence Coach. That’s also when she was bouncing off the walls trying to figure out if each day was productive.  She formed her Essence statement and that rescued and helped her live every day from her inner spark.
Sharon has created 53 retirement podcasts, started a Boomers MeetUp group, and presented, 'What Do I Want To Do in Retirement?' workshops at senior centers. She’s focused
now on empowering everyone to “gloriously succeed and win a satisfaction and triumph” In retirement. Without a title, team, or task, Boomers need to find a new place to fit in, to matter, and to make a difference.

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