Speaking Of Speaking

Branding and Messaging: They Need To Be Authentic

March 09, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 88
Speaking Of Speaking
Branding and Messaging: They Need To Be Authentic
Show Notes

I made a BIG mistake! How big? Well, let's just say this one could have cost me my reputation as well as my overall business.  I know, you're intrigued. What could I have done that was much of a misstep, it could have had an adverse affect on my operation?

Authenticity is a word that gets tossed around A LOT these days. Here's the thing:  If you are using someone else's material or teachings, or using words and phrasing that is 'pretty close' to what someone else is currently using, it can be a very slippery slope...and that's EXACTLY what I was doing! Not knowing I was infringing on someone else's hard work.  So I talk about what those signs are, and the steps I took to fix them.

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