Speaking Of Speaking

Are You Memorizing Or Internalizing Your Speeches, with special guest Eddie Rice

May 12, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 94
Speaking Of Speaking
Are You Memorizing Or Internalizing Your Speeches, with special guest Eddie Rice
Show Notes

In my career as a broadcaster, podcaster and speaker I've been blessed with the opportunity to have some amazing conversations with some very skilled and worldly individuals. They've all shared their stories, their passions, and how they're making changes to leave behind a legacy. Today's guest is no exception.  Eddie Rice has been speaking and helping people with their speeches for ages! One thing that I liked about our conversation was we both agreed that, presentations and speeches are more than just a memorized talk: there's a deeper internalization needed, if you really want to connect and cement your ideas with the audience!
Eddie is a professional speechwriter with over 10 years of experience in helping business leaders, keynote speakers, TED talk presenters, and everyday people, enhance the messages
they tell through great storytelling and structure. He started out as an 8th grade science teacher but turned his love of rhetoric into a profitable freelance career. He also made
the transition from freelancer to fully employed.

As a speechwriter, he has worked with CEOs, college presidents and trustees, superintendents and principals, business owners, authors, politicians, organization leaders, nonprofit executive directors, and everyone in between. Public speaking and speechwriting are equalizers: we all want to say just the right words whether it's small groups or large audiences.

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