Speaking Of Speaking

Navigating Through Difficult Conversations with special guest Hilda Gan Hilda Gan

June 29, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 98
Speaking Of Speaking
Navigating Through Difficult Conversations with special guest Hilda Gan Hilda Gan
Show Notes

Difficult conversations are, well?...difficult!  Whether they are conversations you're having with family, friends, colleagues, employees, OR even talks you give on stage (virtual and physical).  What's the best way to go about having those difficult conversations? Today's guest has years of experience and shares her insights...and some success stories that stemmed from difficult conversations! 

Hilda Gan is the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting, an HR Consulting and Leadership and Team Training company. An international best-selling author, motivational speaker, leadership and team trainer and the REVUP Your Potential creator, Hilda loves to work with business owners and businesses who see people as their greatest assets.

With a diverse career in nursing,  IT, Engineering, and HR, Hilda combines 25+ years of HR with a serial entrepreneur's pragmatic eye for business strategy. In the late 90s, she and her husband built iTRANS Consulting, an award-winning, national Engineering firm recognized as a Best Workplaces in Canada® – top ten twice and a finalist in Canada's Best Managed Companies. The REVUP Your Potential concept is based on the success of iTRANS. Passionate about helping businesses be the best version of themselves, she was recognized in 2019 with a Business Achievement award from BWNYR for her advocacy in HR.

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