Speaking Of Speaking

Moving From Anxiety to Confidence In The Time It Takes To Go To The Bathroom, with special guest Patricia Kaine

November 17, 2022 Carl Richards Season 5 Episode 104
Speaking Of Speaking
Moving From Anxiety to Confidence In The Time It Takes To Go To The Bathroom, with special guest Patricia Kaine
Show Notes

Carl's guest today has quite a story to share...it's not only helped speakers deal with anxiety, it's saved lives! 

As a suicide ideation survivor, over time and with the use of multiple resources, ‘The Butterfly Method' was created to take a person from feeling overwhelmed and despairing to hope in the time of a bathroom break. The Butterfly Method utilizes Stop Therapy, Deep Breathing, Mantra, Progressive Relaxation, Visualization, Imagery, Auditory, Tactile, and Action modalities. It has been found useful in multiple stressful situations.

Dr. Kaine is an experienced, board-certified physician with intimate awareness of all areas of suicide, She knows the pain of being the family member left behind, having experienced the loss of her sister, two paternal aunts and two maternal cousins to death by suicide. She's also a person who has lived with suicide ideation, having committed herself to the mental hospital four times from the late 1970s - early 1990’s to be protected from herself when death by suicide seemed the best option.


Patricia Kaine MD is an inspirational speaker, author, physician, mother, and grandmother. She’s a cancer, IPF, and suicide ideation survivor. Named to Who's Who of Outstanding Doctors, 2016; and Who's Who Worldwide 2020. She received her BS in Ed. from Kent St U, 1970; MD from Wright State U, Dayton, OH, 1982; Board certified FP 1985. Retired in 2017. She has appeared twice on the Dr. Oz Show. As an outcome of her strong, faith-based approach to medicine and health she created The Butterfly Method, helping hundreds in crisis to seek treatment and avoid suicide in multiple countries.

Patricia Kaine MD has used ’The Butterfly Method' for over a quarter of a century. She has supported her patients to choose better solutions to the challenges they were experiencing. It's a tool that's a safe and quick method to deal with the immediate stress of the moment.

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